Guardians of the Galaxy

Trivia: When the main characters are doing the slow motion "hero strut" just before the battle to save Nova Prime (the song 'Cherry Bomb' is playing), watch Gamora... She lets out a huge yawn.


Trivia: The planet the orb is found on is called Morag. In the comics Morag is the first leader of the Kree, whose actions started the eon long Kree/Skrull war.


Trivia: When the Guardians are devising a plan to take the orb from Ronan, Quill claims to have "12%" of a plan. This is the same percentage of credit that Tony Stark was willing to concede to Pepper for the creation of Stark Tower in The Avengers.


Trivia: At the beginning Star Lord finds a horse-like skeleton, most probably a brief reference to Beta Ray Bill - one of the few other characters that can hold Thor's hammer.


Trivia: The dog that licks The Collector in the end credits scene is called Cosmo the Spacedog. Cosmo is actually a telepathic dog created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and appeared in the Marvel comics. (02:00:05)

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Trivia: This isn't the first time Howard the duck has ended up in The Collectors exhibit, he can be seen in an episode of Hulk and the Agents of SMASH. He makes a cameo appearance in one of the pods of The Collector who admires the "ultra rare hero", stating he's in mint condition.

Trivia: There are two scenes after the movie finishes. The first one is of a young Groot dancing, with Drax trying to catch him out. The second scene comes right at the very end - Howard the Duck makes a cameo appearance with The Collector. Howard can also be seen faintly in the background of the scene with The Collector during the movie.


Trivia: When Bereet comes up from the hold of Quill's ship after leaving Morag she is wearing the same T-shirt that the young Quill wore at the hospital where his mother died.

Trivia: The studio originally wanted Amanda Seyfried for the role of Gamora. But despite loving the screenplay, Seyfried feared that given the obscure nature of the characters and the inherent weirdness of the script, the movie would bomb at the box office. She didn't want to be in the only MCU film to fail commercially. The film ended up going on to be a massive success, and Seyfried has expressed some regret over the decision.


Trivia: The worms in a tank in the Collector's collection are worms from James Gunn's 2006 film "Slither." (Source: Film School Rejects).

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Trivia: Dave Bautista was driving to the gym when he got the call from his manager and agent to inform him he got the role of Drax. He was informed by being told "Congratulations, Mr. Drax." He claims that upon being informed, he broke down crying hysterically and had to go home, because he was so happy and awe-struck by landing the role.

Trivia: Director James Gunn's dog has a holographic cameo at the beginning of the film, while Star Lord is dancing.


Trivia: When Peter is about to kiss Gamora, behind them can be seen a window with a design inspired by Iron Man's arc reactor chest piece.


Trivia: Troma Films creator Lloyd Kaufman has a brief cameo during the prison sequence. He is seen among other inmates briefly looking over a railing. "Guardians" director James Gunn got his start with Troma and is good friends with Kaufman, hence the cameo.

Trivia: When Quill has been arrested on Xandar and his name and crimes are being reviewed, his alias is shown on the view screen but it appears as "space-lord" and not "star-lord." As ever, they've got his name wrong.

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Continuity mistake: When Quill and Gamora first meet and get into a fight, Gamora grabs the Orb Quill is carrying and runs. Quill throws a sort of laser-based "lasso device" that snares her legs and causes her to fall. She pulls it off, and immediately in the next shot, it's vanished from the ground between cuts. It also had mechanical components, so even if the laser vanished, the mechanical pieces should still be on the ground.

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Question: In the opening credits before Peter Quill enters the building that the orb is located in he is using a device with a blue beam that shows various people doing things, playing with dogs etc. What is this device showing him?

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