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Corrected entry: The gazelle that is chased and killed by a cheetah early in the movie is male (i.e. with antlers) when chased and killed but it is female seconds later when the cheetah carries it away. (00:07:45)

Correction: The instance you're referring to (the cutaways comprised of nature footage early in the film) are meant to be symbolic momentary implications of Lucy's mental state in montage form, and are not literal scenes within the context of the film. Hence, they jump around, are different every time, etc. Therefore it's not really a continuity mistake - we're just shown random shots of cheetah attacks to show how vulnerable she is in the situation.


Corrected entry: When Lucy races to the airplane's ladies room, she doesn't have her handbag, but she opens her handbag to take some of the synthetic drug as her body starts to fall apart.

Correction: Lucy does grab her handbag on the way to the restroom.

Corrected entry: When Lucy escapes from the room she was chained in, she doesn't have the bullet that is shown in the next scene in which she shoots all the men in that room, and no one shoots her, but then she sits down, digs a bullet out of her shoulder and eats the sandwiches on the table.

Correction: She does get shot - one guy gets a shot off.

Corrected entry: After getting her hands, and the case, all bloody after removing the bag of drugs from the dead man's belly by hand, Lucy walks out of the hospital, gets into the car, and her hands and the case are clean.

franklin pierce

Correction: Lucy has complete control of her body and everything around her. She obviously "removed" the blood from her hands and the case before getting in the car.


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