Continuity mistake: By the end of the movie, when Lucy is sitting in the chair and her skin turns black, we can see her arms slowly turning black as well. When camera cuts away and shows Lucy from behind, her arms are naturally white again.


Continuity mistake: Originally, there are four blue bags. Lucy eats the remainder of her bag, which leaves three bags. When Lucy needs all of the remaining blue bags to go into IV infusions, they put up four when it should have been three.


Continuity mistake: As Lucy begins to change into a black mass, you can see that mass destroying the wood floor. But, in the final shot, as you are looking down on the dead triad boss, the floor is perfect, with wood scraps scattered on it.


Continuity mistake: When Lucy is disintegrating on the plane, she consumes the last of her bag of CPH4. The case is open to reveal 3 and a half bags, when only 3 bags were saved. (00:54:35 - 01:10:15)

Victoria Peek

Continuity mistake: After her friend Richard coerces her to go into the hotel with the case to meet Mr. Jang, the man behind the counter who is talking to Mr. Jang asks her name. She says Richard is parking the car and he shows up at the window outside the hotel. Before he is shot, there is red 'blood' already on the window that was not entirely wiped off from previous takes.

Dave Stanley

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