Red Planet
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Gallagher: Alternate high-voltage energy source, come and get me.

Trevorhold Markson

Gallagher: Aw, man, I saw Elvis.

Trevorhold Markson

Gallagher: This is good for something.

Trevorhold Markson

Gallagher: Hey, sweetie.
Chip Pettengill: Sweetie? Is she our navigator or your girlfriend?
Gallagher: It's been a long flight.
Chip Pettengill: Certainly has.

Gallagher: Fuck this planet.

Dr. Quinn Burchenal: We just disappointed 10 billion people. Not counting the ex-wives.

Dr. Quinn Burchenal: Uh oh - we're going to talk about God now, aren't we? 'Cause if we are, I'm going to need another pop.
Chantilas: Not God... Faith.
Dr. Quinn Burchenal: Faith? Oh, I had a girlfriend named Faith. She cheated on me, with a girl named Chastity.

Commander Kate Bowman: On Earth, they're calling you a hero, Gallagher.

Gallagher: Kill him. That's my kind of girl.

Gallagher: I'm gonna die on this planet.

Commander Kate Bowman: Let's go home, Lucille.

Commander Kate Bowman: A big ice storm's coming straight for you. It's the size of Montana, and it's moving fast. I'm going into comm blackout. You need to find shelter immediately, now.

Chip Pettengill: It's weird. There's nothing here.
Gallagher: It's Mars.

Gallagher: God works in mysterious ways.

Gallagher: We can breathe.
Dr. Quinn Burchenal: I don't know what the hell this is but I'll take it.

Gallagher: We walk 100 km. To a 30 year old Russian rock probe that failed to launch and try to jump start it. Gee, why couldn't you make it tough.

Chip Pettengill: It's your girlfriend. She made it.

Character mistake: When the biologist guy talks about writing code for DNA he names the four codes as A, G, T, P, when they are actually A, G, T, C.

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