Red Planet

Continuity mistake: In the earlier scenes on the planet's surface when the men still have their helmets on, it appears that the cameramen were also wearing space suits so that they would appear as crewmen on the visor reflections. Still too many people visible though.

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Continuity mistake: In every view of the front of Mars 1, you can clearly see the landing pod still attached, even when it's on Mars' surface.

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Continuity mistake: 15 minutes into the movie, as the crew sits at a table to discuss frogs and the environment, there is a white bottle cap with a red dot on it in front of Carrie-Ann Moss. During the discussion the cap keeps changing right side up and upside down as the cameras change views.

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Continuity mistake: If you look at the back of Mars I, the "wings" that come out at the back change position. In one shot, they are in a typical five point star, then in another shot, they are in a six point star configuration with the one to the bottom missing.

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Continuity mistake: At the ending climax as Bowman is cutting the oxygen pack from Gallagher, you can see Gallagher's name plate on the front. However as Gallagher was running we clearly saw him take off his own pack, toss it aside and put on Burchenal's. This is made blatantly obvious as the camera pans to the discarded pack on the ground with the name "GALLAGHER" printed on the front.




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