Raw Deal

Brenner(Schwartzanegger) reminisces about an earlier piece of advice given to him by his partner. "Beware the Rock Quarry, if you have an invitation, don't go". Brenner removes the plexiglass from his car window, and puts in the tape of "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. He then kills everyone at the Rock Quarry. The mob is in the dance club, deciding what to do with Brenner when he shoots out the cameras. The mob goes after what is supposedly Brenner in an elevator. After they get to the door, they realize he's not there, and Brenner ambushes them from behind, wiping everyone out. Schwartzanegger then gives the gun to Baxter and tells him that he can resign or face trial. Baxter tries shooting Brenner, but misses completely and Brenner kills him. A month later, Brenner goes to see Chief Shannon, and tells him he wants him to be the godfather of his child. Shannon disagrees to, and does not want to really walk, but Brenner gets Shannon to walk after all.

Rich Strangfeld

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Continuity mistake: In 'the Pit' fight scene, Arnold is approaching the portacabin, and his hands are clean. In the next shot, his hand is bloodied and the wrist of his jacket is torn. He did nothing to get it that way. (01:28:50)

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Mark Kaminsky: Because of you a lot of people are dead. And now it's your turn.

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