Gone Girl

Stupidity: When Amy tries to use the security cameras at Desi's house to make it look like he raped her, wouldn't the cops be curious as to why there was just one little scene - and not 30 days worth of footage? Wouldn't they question what happened to the rest of the footage (showing her being looked after by Desi and living comfortably), and why that little bit showing her crawling on the ground was left undeleted. Also she tied lace around her hands. Anyone could break material like that if they tried hard enough. Why would Desi risk that?

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Amy Dunne: I will practice believing my husband loves me, but I could be wrong.



In the scene with the games console the controller isn't on and it is either not attached to a PS3 or the PS3 is off. You can tell because if the controller was on there would be a solid red light and even if it was just charging there would be a blinking red light.



Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon was a fan of the novel and purchased the rights, intending to play the role of Amy herself. However, once David Fincher was attached as director, she opted to serve only as a producer, realizing she wasn't right for the role.