Gone Girl

Gone Girl (2014)

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Corrected entry: When Nick comes home and find Amy gone he carries the cat in from outside. When the police arrive he takes them up to the master bedroom and when he opens up the previously closed doors the same cat is lying in the bed. How did it get in there?

New this month Correction: There's a time jump from when he brings the cat inside, wondering where Amy is - to when he has already called the police, they've arrived, and he's waiting in a different room, I know I've put my cat inside a bedroom when I know workmen or police are coming over.

Corrected entry: Amy says she was abducted by Desi Collins and subjected to severe abuse, but when she returns she has a chic new haircut, which no one comments on.

Correction: She claims she was basically be kept as a sex-slave. She probably just told the police he was "grooming" her and doing what he pleased, which might include him changing her appearance to his liking.

Corrected entry: The telephone number for the police kidnap tip line has 12 digits: 1-855-4-Amy-tips. US phone numbers have 11 digits.

Correction: A lot of phone numbers that are "words" might contain extra letters like 1-800-fly-delta as an example. All that happens is by the time you hit the last letter your call is already being placed.



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Amy Dunne: I will practice believing my husband loves me, but I could be wrong.



In the scene with the games console the controller isn't on and it is either not attached to a PS3 or the PS3 is off. You can tell because if the controller was on there would be a solid red light and even if it was just charging there would be a blinking red light.



Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon was a fan of the novel and purchased the rights, intending to play the role of Amy herself. However, once David Fincher was attached as director, she opted to serve only as a producer, realizing she wasn't right for the role.