The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

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Corrected entry: At Gwen's interview in the British embassy the colour of her skirt changes from black to red.

Correction: If you look closely at the scene in the street before the interview you can see that her skirt is dark red - it looks black due to the lighting outside.

Corrected entry: Richard Parker tries to connect the Ethernet cable to his laptop at the beginning of the movie to upload a file. There was no in-plane internet 15-20 years ago.


Correction: Richard Parker worked for Oscorp, so, we can assume that they had all kinds of advanced technology 15 years ago.

Corrected entry: When Peter reviews Gwen's speech on his computer, she is filmed in a tight head /shoulders shot and at eye level. However, there is no camera at that angle (right in front of her) as she delivers the speech.

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Correction: It's called "zoom". The parents and family are seated in stadium-style elevated seating above and behind the graduates. Every single parent there had this exact same footage, with that exact same framing.


Corrected entry: The laptop Richard Parker is using looks too modern for a 20 year old video. Models like that were only released pretty recently. We could've assumed that Oscorp is a brilliant industry and they invented such laptops, but it says "Sony Vaio" on it.

Correction: If the first film took place around the year of its release (2012), based on Peter's age when he is left by his parents (he appears to be at least 4 or 5 years old, if not slightly older), it would mean the scenes with his parents took place in the very late 90's/early 2000's. Not quite "20 years ago." And the computers/laptops his father used all appear to resemble late 90's/early 2000's computers. (Obviously the more expensive ones, but they appear to be more-or-less correct to the timeframe.) Sony Vaio was also around at that time.

Corrected entry: When we see the entrance to Oscorp there's two flags being flown outside, the Stars and Stripes on the left and another flag displaying a crest on the right. The motto on the crest is Excelsior, the catchphrase of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.


Correction: The crest is the Seal of New York, which has the motto "Excelsior". It is not a reference to Stan Lee, the flag is flying because Oscorp is in New York City.

Corrected entry: The rhino suit shown at Oscorp is completely different in size and shape to the one shown at the end.

Correction: The suit inside Oscorp wasn't finished as it's missing the bottom half.

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Aunt May: What happened to your face? It's filthy!
Peter Parker: You know, I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May: We have no chimney.
Peter Parker: Whaaat?



When the doctor wants to study Electro, a green screen and some other things are reflected in his glasses.



In the Secret Projects division at Oscorp we see two other projects besides the Rhino and Goblin suits, a backpack with wings and another with tentacles. The wings belong to the Vulture and the tentacles to Doctor Octopus.