The Amazing Spider-Man 2

New this month Trivia: Gwen Stacy's graduation speech was personally written by Emma Stone.

New this month Trivia: Harry Osborn is never referred to as "The Green Goblin" in the entire film.

Trivia: SPOILER: At the end of the clock tower scene, there is an exterior shot, where the time is 1:21. It is in issue #121 of the original Amazing Spider-Man comic from the 1970's where Gwen died due to the Green Goblin.

Trivia: In the Secret Projects division at Oscorp we see two other projects besides the Rhino and Goblin suits, a backpack with wings and another with tentacles. The wings belong to the Vulture and the tentacles to Doctor Octopus.


Trivia: Spoiler alert! The way Gwen Stacy dies in the movie is almost exactly the way she does in the comics. The differences are that in the movie, she falls through a clock tower instead of off a bridge, and she hits her head on the ground as it snaps back, instead of just her head snapping back in mid air. She's even wearing the same outfit as she does in the comics.

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Trivia: Sony had originally intended to use this film to launch a "Spider-Man Cinematic Universe", which is why it contains copious references to various characters and ideas that aren't fully developed, as they would have then been paid off in future films. Supposedly at some point, the following films were planned or considered: -Both an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" and "Amazing Spider-Man 4." -A spin-off movie based on the "Sinister Six" villain team -At least one spin-off movie based on the villain "Venom" -A potential movie about "Spider-Gwen" -A movie about the adventures of a younger Aunt May -And a movie working under the codename "Glass Ceiling" about all of the remaining female characters from the "Spider-Man" universe forming a team. These plans have all been dropped or placed on hold since Sony decided to drop the series in favor of working with Marvel to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU.

Trivia: Composer James Horner scored the first "Amazing Spider-Man", but opted not to return to work on this film as he felt it didn't come close to matching the quality of the first film. He also felt that the studio didn't respect director Marc Webb, with whom he had a good working relationship.

Trivia: The underwear of Rhino has some pictures of real rhinos in color.


Trivia: Stan Lee makes a cameo as a guy in the crowd at the school ceremony who thinks that he recognises Peter.


Trivia: When Peter goes online and types in Roosevelt, after a clue about his father's disappearance comes to him, he looks at a picture of the Roosevelt island cable car/tram. In the 2002 Spider-Man, the Green Goblin made Spider-Man choose if he wanted to save Mary Jane or the children on the very same tram.

Trivia: The ring tone on Peter's cell phone is exactly the same music from the early 70's cartoon TV show.


Trivia: In the film Alistair Smythe is Max's boss. In the comics his father is Spencer Smyth, creator of of "spider slayers" made to hunt Spidey.


Trivia: Felicia Hardy, the assistant of Harry Osborne, in the comics is a crime fighter named Black Cat and friend of Spidey.


Trivia: The birthday cake of Max has the true colors of Electro in the comics.


Trivia: The hidden files in Oscorp co. have the file of Michael Morbius, a half human-vampire, Venom the human-symbiote, Dr. Connors aka the Lizard - all of them enemies of Spidey.


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