Rain Man

Continuity mistake: After the opening credits, while the red car's being lowered, the angle changes to a close-up and all the people in the background change positions: A man behind the red car walks around it twice, and 2 people appear from nowhere next to a white car.

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Continuity mistake: Back in LA Charlie talks to Dr. Bruner about Raymond's future. Charlie's nonchalantly hanging hair in front is all combed back from the moment he says 'I never called him back'. (01:48:15)


Continuity mistake: After the duo stops at a motel with pink neon, Ray starts reciting his riddle about the guy on first base again, which gets Charlie annoyed and he badgers him over it. After their little exchange, Ray is walking up to the side of the car as Charlie opens the door to their room. Ray is standing very close to the car, standing right on the yellow line of the parking space. The camera then suddenly jump cuts to a higher angle and Ray is now several feet back standing in the middle of the next parking space over.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene in the restaurant where Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are trying to order breakfast, Hoffman's character fixes the salt and pepper shaker a certain way. In the next shot they are opposite the way he fixed them. Then in the next shot they are back to the way he had fixed them. (00:37:15)

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Raymond: 'Course I got Jeopardy! at five o'clock. I watch Jeopardy.
Charlie: Don't start with that, Ray.

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Trivia: The black jack dealer, played by Nick Mazzola, is a popular dealer. He was also the dealer in "MacShayne's", "Vegas Vacation", and "Casino".

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Question: When Ray and Charlie are in the bathroom, they sing part of a song. What is the song they sing?

Answer: It's "I Saw Her Standing There," written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, released November 1963. In addition to the Beatles, the song has been covered by Elton John, The Grateful Dead, Tiffany, and many others I'm sure.

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In December 1963, Capitol Records released the song in the United States as the B-side on the label's first single by the Beatles, "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

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