Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Continuity mistake: When Zola's algorithm is deployed and begins acquiring targets, we see a "grid" with the targets chosen. On the right, just above the pictures of the targets, there is a line indicating "targets acquired." Then we see the guns and then a counter indicating the amount of targets acquired, from 210,000 and up, but the next grid we see, in the "targets acquired" line says 133,213 and up. Besides, all the grids have the same pictures, but in different order.

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Suggested correction: First, nice work spotting that tiny number. However, the number to which you are referring changes four times (not once as you say), each time, starting from zero. It is not a mistake: If you pay attention to the left side of the UI, there are two widgets, respectively called "Global viewpoint" and "Continental viewpoint." Each time the number starts from zero the, viewpoint changes, meaning that these numbers correspond to each viewpoint. The statistical counter, however, increases cumulatively.


Other mistake: When Zola's algorithm is deployed and begins it shows the radius which barely reaches Staten Island, however it finds Tony Stark in NYC.

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Suggested correction: The initial targeting radius shown at 1:53:27 is as you say. But the radius keeps growing. At 1:53:50, it is still growing and has almost reached Lake Ontario.


Suggested correction: It's possible certain people were pre-programmed in.

Greg Dwyer

Factual error: During the Nick Fury chase scene that takes place in D.C., several black and white state highway 6 signs are visible. These signs are unique to Ohio. Route 6 goes straight through downtown Cleveland where the scene was filmed. Plus during other chase scenes several Cleveland landmarks are visible in the background. (00:28:30)

Joseph M Vazquez

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Steve Rogers: Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?

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Trivia: SPOILER: At the end on Nick Fury's gravestone, under his name is the passage from Ezekiel 25:17: "The path of the righteous man is beset..." This was the start of a big monologue made famous by Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. (01:59:25)


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Question: Is it true that the story Nick was telling Cap about his grandfather is based on Samuel L Jackson's grandfather?


Answer: Here's what he said in an interview: The thing with him is, you don't know if he's making up a story to get you to do a certain thing or if he's actually giving you a piece of himself. The great thing for me about that particular story is that is what my grandfather did when I was a kid. He actually ran an elevator in a hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn. That was his job. I used to go down there and sit in the elevator with him while he took people up and down. He got tipped that way and had money in his pocket or in a bag - and a little gun. He always had a pistol with him, some brass knuckles. I did not write that, it was just in there. It totally just happened that way. I chuckled about it. I was trying to figure out if I had talked about my grandfather in some interview somewhere years ago or something and somebody read it and put that in there. I never found out if that was the case. I think it's a true story for him.

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