Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Revealing mistake: When Cap is driving the blue Chevrolet Silverado with Black Widow, the gear shift is in the up locked position, not lower on the column, indicating the truck was towed in the scene. (00:54:45)

Revealing mistake: After Steve has made his way onto the boat, he hits two of the terrorists with his shield then continues running and starts a fight with another three terrorists. When Steve punches the third terrorist, his hand only goes as far as his knee. With the terrorist lying on the floor, the punch could never have hit him, but the terrorist is still knocked out anyway. (00:05:50)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When one of the guys is shooting the mini-gun at the overturned bus Captain America is in, the spent shells still have the bullets in them.


Revealing mistake: When Fury drives between the Jeep and the Mitsubishi, the sides of both cars are already damaged, and both are missing the mirrors on the sides that Fury drives past, indicating those cars were used for earlier takes. (00:30:40)


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