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Bachelor Party (1984)

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Corrected entry: When Miss Desiree is dancing at the party, Rudy takes a deep drink from a bottle of liquor. Most of us would appreciate this performance with a liquor. We even see bubbles come up, but as he takes the bottle away from his mouth, he is still holding it upside down. Doing this normally, the content would be spilled on his face, so he probably didn't drink at all.

Correction: There is a liquor bottle nozzle on the Jack Daniels.

Corrected entry: When Tom and his girlfriend are having the conversation about the party, she says "Hookers" to which he replies "Oh those" and she mouths his line.

Sol Parker

Correction: Tawny's character is mocking Tom's character when he says the line, "Oh those hookers." Not a mistake, just the character making fun of the other.

Corrected entry: When Debbie's father is at the party and tells Rick that Debbie will break it off when she finds out about the party, O'Neil tells him that there's a phone in the back bedroom. Debbie's father then leaves, presumably to use the phone. O'Neil then asks all the hookers to follow him and they go after Debbie's father. Then Debbie arrives at the party dressed as a hooker. Rick's friends recognize her and tell Rick who says "Go up to her like you don't know who she is and send her into the back bedroom". They do so but when Debbie gets to the back bedroom its empty. Shouldn't her father, O'Neil and the hookers be in there?

Correction: It's obvious there is more than one bedroom in the suite they are having the party.

Andy Benham Premium member

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie, when the mechanic is working on the car on the lift, he says he has to change the oil in it, the chassis drops to the ground, there is no engine attached to the chassis or body. In addition, he is changing the oil at the rear axle.

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Gary: Are you the pimp?
Rajah: Yes.
Gary: You look like Gandhi.
Rajah: I've got girls to sit on your face.

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