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Visible crew/equipment: When Herod is talking to Cort he says, "It takes a lot to scare me, I love the sensation," then it cuts to a shot facing Cort, and just as Herod turns around the moving boom mic casts a shadow on the ground, at the lower right side of the screen (next shot Herod shoots Ratsy). (01:49:10)

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Other mistake: Final showdown between Ellen and Herod. The first shot hits him in the torso. He does not move and seems surprised to find a hole there. Second shot to the head, from the same gun, lifts him off his feet and drives him back several feet, a very different reaction. Quite possibly at some point it was supposed to be Cort that shoots him first, from behind Ellen. Ellen would be wounded but then fire the killing shot.

Factual error: In the bar when the lady buys herself a drink before getting challenged to her first fight, she drops a nickel on the table. It's a Jefferson nickel, not minted until 1913.

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Factual error: When Herod shoots the black guy (if someone can tell me his name please do) for the last time, the entry would is roughly the size of a tennis ball in his head. There is no way a gun of that period could make a hole that big.

Other mistake: After Herod shoots Ellen Doc Wallace examines her and says she is dead. Obviously he is in league with Ellen and Cort, using the red ink to make her look dead. But earlier he says that Spotted Horse is dead, having "examined" him from several feet away. He is wrong, because Spotted Horse gets up and fires several shots at Cort. He would have no reason to fake that death, and is apparently a qualified doctor.


John Herod: I said, are you still fast?
Cort: Faster than you.

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Trivia: This is the only Sam Raimi movie where his trademark Oldsmobile does not appear.

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Suggested correction: According to legend, the car was stripped down to its chassis then rebuilt as a stagecoach for the movie.

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Question: Who shoots Herod the first time in the final showdown with Ellen? I have replayed the video several times and her gun does not fire until the second, kill shot to the head. Cort is just behind her. Are we supposed to surmise that he shot Herod first? Just a mistake?

Answer: Ellen shoots Herod both times. There is a muzzle flash and sound effect from her gun just as Herod's shot hits her. If it helps, watch the scene in slow motion.


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