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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Gene Hackman's character realizes that he has been shot by looking at his shadow and seeing the sunlight shining through the bullet hole in his body. Oddly enough, when you see the front of his shirt, he's not bleeding. There might have been a one or two second delay, but he would have been bleeding profusely from such a wound.

Correction: Not necessarily from the entry wound - even in real life, entry wounds from large caliber pistol rounds usually appear as singed holes, the real catastrophic damage is in the body cavity, with devastating exit wounds.


Corrected entry: After the woman speaks to Russell Crowe at night when he is chained up he knocks over the glass of water which was just out of his reach. Next scene when the woman is speaking to that man you can see in the background the glass of water isn't there.

gandolfs dad

Correction: You wouldn't see the glass since Cort had already knocked it over and it would be laying on it's side. A clear glass laying on it's side would be hard to see from the distance in that scene. You can however see what looks like a small wet spot on the ground where the water spilled.

Corrected entry: At the end when Sharon Stone's character shoots Hackman the second time, you follow the bullet in-eye as it approaches Hackman's head. You see and hear Hackman screaming after the bullet is shot. That is not possible. A bullet from a Magnum revolver would go 1500-2000 feet the first second. And with Hackman standing a mere 50 feet away from the Magnum, he wouldn't be able to open his mouth before the bullet hits his head and kills him.

Correction: Ellen's gun is not a Magnum of any sort. It is a Single Action Army of the Quickdraw 4 and 3/4" barrel. It fires a .45 Long Colt cartridge which in almost every variant has a velocity of 1000 feet per second or less, not the 1500-2000 listed. It does not change the overall point, but the details are definitely incorrect.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gene Hackman asks Sharon Stone "who are you?" She takes and throws her father's badge at his feet.The badge lands in front of him,he looks down at it. Than, when she shoots him a second time, his body flies back a few feet. She walks up to his body, kicks him, then goes past him to pick up the badge. The badge should be more or less where Russell Crowe is standing when she picks it up. (01:36:49)

Correction: The wind or simply the angle you looked at it can affect its position.

Corrected entry: When Gary S. is strung up in the middle of the town (end of movie) he is standing on a little black stool that Gene Hackman shoots at. Ellen then shoots her father and when Gene and his gang take off the stool is gone - all you see is Gary S. swinging in the breeze.

Correction: That simply means it was moved by someone and they didn't show it happening.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gene Hackman shoots the braggart who took credit for his killings. Hackman shoots the subject in the right hand, then gives him another chance to draw and shoots him in the left hand. The problem is that if you were drawing a pistol on someone the top edge of your hand and thumb would be facing them, but the bullet holes in the braggart's hands go right through the middle of his palms. The bullet holes might have appeared in that part of the hand if he was waving at Hackman, but not while drawing a pistol from the waist.

Correction: The first shot actually shoots off Ace's right thumb, so that's fine.

Continuity mistake: Just before Russell Crowe duels with Spotted Horse, there is a rope strung across the street with what appears to be lanterns attached to it. In the next shot of Russell Crowe, the rope is gone, but Spotted Horse later accidentally shoots it down. (01:12:50)

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John Herod: I said, are you still fast?
Cort: Faster than you.

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Trivia: This is the only Sam Raimi movie where his trademark Oldsmobile does not appear.

J I Cohen

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Suggested correction: According to legend, the car was stripped down to its chassis then rebuilt as a stagecoach for the movie.

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Question: Who shoots Herod the first time in the final showdown with Ellen? I have replayed the video several times and her gun does not fire until the second, kill shot to the head. Cort is just behind her. Are we supposed to surmise that he shot Herod first? Just a mistake?

Answer: Ellen shoots Herod both times. There is a muzzle flash and sound effect from her gun just as Herod's shot hits her. If it helps, watch the scene in slow motion.


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