Jimmy is a young Mod living in 60's London.
Along with his friends he enjoys driving his scooter, popping pills and drinking alcohol.
Jimmy lives with his parents and doesn't get on with his drunken father.
Working as a junior mailboy in an advertising company he dreams of weekends away with his Mod friends and fights with the Rockers.
Jimmy meets one of his school friends in the municipal bath, he turns out to be a rocker.
Jimmy and his mates are getting ready to drive their scooters down to Brighton for the bank holiday weekend and order their suits and raid a chemist for there supply of blues.
Jimmy starts to catch the eye of Steph, a lovely modette played by Leslie Ash.
On arriving in Brighton there is a clash of Mods and rockers and JImmy and Steph manage to slip away, hide and make love in an alleyway.
Jimmy gets arrested and Steph escapes.
On Jimmy's return to London the drugs and deink catch up with him, he goes into a deep depression especially when Steph starts going out with one of Jimmy's mates.
Jimmy has a break down and travels back to Brighton to try to recreate the feeling of brotherhood and camaradery he found fighting along the Mods against the rocker and police.
He finds something,but not what he is looking for.

Daniel Wright

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In the final scene before Phil Daniels rides the scooter off the cliff you can see a shadow of the helicopter filming the scene.



During the Brighton riot scene, a man throws a table through the cafe window, he is Alan Curbishley who, at the time of filming, played football for West Ham United and later their manager. His Brother is Bill Curbishley, Manager of 'The Who', who produced the film and wrote most of the songs featured in the film.