Corrected entry: In the end of the film when Phil Daniels is about to run over a cliff with his scooter, in the first shot there is a windshield on the scooter. In the second the windshield is gone. In the third the windshield is back again.

Correction: If you notice the windscreen dose not disapere the actual scoter changes , the scooter with the screen is a GS the scooter without the screen is a RALLY.


Corrected entry: This film is set in 1964 and features three songs by The Who "my generation" which they dance to at the party "anyway anywhere anyhow" which Jimmy watches them perform on TV, both of these songs weren't issued until 1965.When Jimmy makes his return trip to Brighton "5.15" is played while he is on the train this song wasn't issued until 1973 strangely enough The Who were directors on this film.

Correction: 5.15 wasn't being "played" on the train, but was part of the film soundtrack. The film Quadrophenia was a film version of the 1973 concept album Qhadrophenia, and 5.15 was on the 1973 album, as were many of the songs in the film sound, and was thus correctly included in the film.


Corrected entry: When Jimmy says, "That is Brighton, my sons." looking down a hill on a town supposed to be Brighton, that is actually Hove and Shoreham, the road being Ditcling Road. The reason Brighton can't be seen is because the hill is in the way. Since this scene was shot a new part of the A27/M27 has been built through this hill. (01:00:25 - 01:25:10)

Correction: They're actually overlooking Eastbourne (most likely from the A259), about 12 miles further along the coast. For the hill to block the view of Brighton, Brighton and Hove would need to have their locations reversed.


Corrected entry: Early in the film they go to a scrap yard to see a friend to buy drugs - the cars in that scrap yard are models that were new or not even launched in 1964. One car springs to mind the Austin/Morris 1100 that features in quite a few of the shots; although it may have found its way to a scrap yard following an accident the one in the shot has clearly aged - the model was only launched in 1962! (Mind you, it was a notorious rust bucket!)

Correction: The 1100 in the scrapyard is a two door model, which didn't start production until 1967.


Visible crew/equipment: In the final scene before Phil Daniels rides the scooter off the cliff you can see a shadow of the helicopter filming the scene.

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Jimmy: Bellboyyyyyy.

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Trivia: A lot of the cast of Quadrophenia also appeared in the film Scum which was made the same year.

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Question: Was Steph, played by Leslie Ash, supposed to be a mod girl or just a girl who hung around with with mods?because her clothes which was mainly dresses and skirts and a leather coat wasn't really mod girl clothes, her hair was long and in no particular style and wore very little eye make up.A classic mod girl would would have worn ski pants, have a short hairstyle like a bob and would wear dark eye make up like other girls in the film.

Answer: Your description of "Mod" is too limited. It included a wider range of fashion styles beyond what you've described and included mini-skirts, geometric-patterned dresses, casual hip-hugger pants, leather coats and jackets, and so on. The same with hairstyles which varied from short, angular bobs, to beehives, and long tresses with feathered bangs. The "natural" look was also in style then, along with the more extreme make-up type. Steph certainly fit into the overall Mod style and culture.

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