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Purple Rain (1984)

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Continuity mistake: When The Time are first introduced, they start walking onto the stage and the camera cuts to Apollonia who is standing at the bar. The guys behind her are moving their heads and bodies to the sound of music, but The Time hasn't started playing yet. (00:08:38)


Audio problem: During the opening song, none of the instruments are plugged in but sound is coming out of them. (00:01:25)


Continuity mistake: When Apollonia fills out the form at the club, you can see when she's holding it in her hand after she's done that she wrote "singing and dancing" on it. Later, when Prince looks at it on the wall, that particular line isn't filled out. (00:09:56)

Other mistake: When Morris is talking to the club owner about getting rid of The Kid, the club owner says that The Kid is not even "Pulling them in like he used to" but the subtitles say "Pooling them in". (00:12:29)


Continuity mistake: After The Kid runs off the stage while singing "Darling Nikki" he is seen in his dressing room with sweat on his back and chest. When the club owner goes in to yell at him for leaving the stage, he is now completely dry. (01:07:48)


Continuity mistake: When Apollonia tells The Kid that she is going to join Morris' group, he slaps her and makes her fall into the dresser where you see what looks like a red shirt hanging from the top of the second draw down the length of the dresser. The camera angle changes and the shirt is now seen much shorter in length. (00:51:52)


Deliberate mistake: Before going on stage in the infamous purple coat for the first time in the movie, the Kid is in his dressing room. The silver jewelry/decoration on his coat is on the left shoulder. In all subsequent shots, the silver jewelry/decoration is on his right shoulder.

Continuity mistake: While enroute to the 'Lake Minnetonka' scene, Prince, or his stunt double, is seen from the helicopter cam as wearing the purple coat. As the truck cams show Prince and Apollonia on the bike, he's wearing the black coat. This is best seen after Prince passes the horses. (00:18:42)

Continuity mistake: When The Kid starts smashing the food jars in the basement with a stick, he starts with the first shelf and then he smashes the jars on the 2nd shelf and then there is a close up of him smashing more jars on yet another shelf. (The jars are different). When the camera angle changes to a wide-shot, none of the jars on the 2nd shelf are damaged, and where did the third shelf come from? He is then seen smashing the jars on the 2nd shelf again. (01:19:58)


Continuity mistake: Right after The Kid sees an image of himself hanging in the basement, he grabs a stick and starts smashing food jars on a shelf. The camera angle changes and he's seen smashing the same jars again. (01:19:54)


Factual error: Right after The Kid's father shoots himself, The Kid is seen in the basement being interviewed by two police officers in uniform and one detective. One of the police officers is asking the questions while the detective is writing in his notepad. Standard procedure is for a "Lead Detective" to be assigned to the case and he conducts all interviews. (01:18:49)


Continuity mistake: When The Kid looks at Apollonia's card on the board after Morris talks to the club owner, when he turns to walk away, you can see that the card on the board is not the same one he was just looking at. (00:13:23)


Continuity mistake: When Morris and Apollonia are in the car in front of the club, you can hear them talking, but when Morris says something to Jerome, Morris' lips move but you can't hear him. (01:03:37)

Audio problem: When Jerome and Morris are walking around the block, discussing the problems with the girls' group, Morris says "That Apollonia babe we saw last night," and his lips don't move in sync with the dialogue. He's actually mouthing "Vanity" instead of "Apollonia", indicating that the scene was filmed before Vanity backed out of the shoot.


Continuity mistake: After Jerome scolds The Kid about Darling Nikki and throws him tickets to Apollonia 6 show, he walks past the doorway. The camera frame jumps slightly up before he pops his head in to deliver the line, "Don't forget to bring a girlfriend." It's appears they had several takes of him popping back into frame, but didn't lock down the camera so, it doesn't match. (01:06:44)

Morris: Okay. What's the password?
Jerome: You got it.
Morris: Got what?
Jerome: The password.
Morris: The password is what?
Jerome: Exactly.
Morris: The password is exactly?
Jerome: No, it's okay.
Morris: The password is okay?
Jerome: Far as I'm concerned.
Morris: Damn it, say the password!
Jerome: What.
Morris: Say the password, onion head!
Jerome: The password is what?
Morris: [frustrated.] That's what I'm asking you!
Jerome: [more frustrated.] It's the password!
Morris: The password is it?
Jerome: [exasperated.] Ahhhhh! The password is what!
Morris: It! You just said so!
Jerome: The password isn't it! The password is?
Morris: What?
Jerome: Got it!
Morris: I got it?
Jerome: Right.
Morris: It or right?

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Trivia: Most of Prince's dance moves are his own personal tribute to the "Godfather Of Soul" James Brown.


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