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Corrected entry: Prince concentrates on the chalk mark of his father's suicide attempt in the basement just before he flips out. Funny, but I thought they only made chalk outlines for people who actually died. (01:19:23)

Correction: This scene is happening in his head. After he sees the outline, he shakes his head drastically trying to get control of himself again because he knows the image isn't real. After this, he goes rapid fire through images of what he believes will happen to him if he stays on the path he is going, which makes him lose all control and start destroying the basement. Finding his father's music brings him out of it.


Corrected entry: Just before looking at the guitar in the window, Prince takes an item from Apollonia and asks who gave it to her. There is no answer, but he says she's lying.

Correction: Actually when Prince asks her who gave it to her she says, "A person". He then asks if they were male or female and she then says, "Huh?". I have the DVD and have never had a problem hearing her answers. I even put the subtitles on to be sure of what she says.

Corrected entry: When The Kid first sees Apollonia, he walks around a corner and the post-it board is to his left. The camera moves quickly to the right to show that he's looking at her and you don't see the waitress standing between them. The camera angle changes and the waitress in now seen standing between them. (00:09:45)


Correction: If the scene is watched frame by frame you can see the waitress between the The Kid and Apollonia. The pan was so quick, you don't see her.

Corrected entry: When they remove Kid's father from the basement to rush him to the hospital they lift him off the ground on a stretcher and you can see that there are no markings on the floor. As Kid is thinking about what happened, he looks at the floor and you now see a tape outline of a body on the floor. (01:18:21)


Correction: The way I interpret this scene, which is mentioned twice in the mistakes section, is that even though his father didn't succeed in killing himself, maybe The Kid was "wishful thinking" his father had died.


This is mostly all going on in his head, so anything is possible. I believe what the scene is meant to portray is his mental assessment (in his own mind) of the situation and of the similarities that he now has with his father. Both talented musicians, both abusive towards their female companions, both spiraling out of control. His father just tried to kill himself because it got so bad, and he is heading that way - in his vision, he sees himself hanging. He loses it entirely and starts smashing things, until he comes across his father's music (which his father lied to him and stated he never wrote them down). This sort of brings him back to reality and let's him know that it is not too late.

Corrected entry: Prince comes back inside First Avenue backstage after singing "Purple Rain" and gives Apollonia a kiss. Moments later she's placed in the middle of the crowd.

Correction: That was not Apollonia. He kissed the girl that works at the club. The woman that he kisses has blond hair, Apollonia's hair is black.

Corrected entry: Right before The Kid knocks down Morris in the alley with his motorcycle, he is seen driving through the alley and you can plainly see that the driver of the motorcycle is white. (01:14:10)


Correction: Well, Prince is fairly light skinned. In certain lighting he could be mistaken for a white guy. Prince is an avid motorcyclist so he probably did the riding secenes himself.


Continuity mistake: When Apollonia originally tries to get into the club, the door slams on her foot. When she opens the door and sneaks in later, the door slowly closes behind her. (00:05:39)

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Apollonia: Will you help me?
The Kid: No.
Apollonia: Pardon me?
The Kid: Nope... Wanna know why?
Apollonia: Nope.
The Kid: Because you wouldn't pass the initiation.
Apollonia: What initiation?
The Kid: Well, for starters, you have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.
Apollonia: What?
The Kid: You have to purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka.
[She strips down, and runs towards the lake.]
The Kid: Hey! Wait a minute! That's...
[She jumps in. She gets out shivering.]
The Kid: Uh, hold it...
Apollonia: What?
The Kid: That ain't Lake Minnetonka.

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Trivia: Matt Fink (The Doctor) is always seen wearing surgical scrubs and played the keyboard for Prince in real life. He is one of the very few people who has played with Prince with the different groups he's formed spanning almost 20 years, starting from the beginning.


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