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Corrected entry: When Autumn wakes up Darnell at the library to tell him that he received a "D" on his test, his right leg is on the table. When the camera angle changes to a rear view, his leg is no longer on the table and he never moved.


Correction: He in fact did move. You can see him move when the camera is at his back.

Corrected entry: The coach says that if "they beat Georgia Tech next week they will be conference champs," implying that the team is in the ACC with Georgia Tech. However in a few shots you can see several SEC banners. No team in the ACC would ever have SEC banners displayed in their stadium.

Correction: This is a fictional school and they play several different schools from several different conferences. It's a fictional conference.

Corrected entry: After the Iowa loss, the coach tells a reporter that they'll win their conference with a victory next week. Just which conference are they in? They played Michigan, Mississippi State, Texas, Boston College, North Carolina, and Iowa. It can't be the SEC, they have a championship game. It can't be the Big 12, they too have a championship game. It can't be the Big 10, they only played two teams (and lost both games) from that conference.

Correction: Since this is a FICTIONAL story, they are in a FICTIONAL conference.

Corrected entry: When Halle Berry and Omar Epps are walking through the campus together and she's telling him that she needs to be with her boyfriend instead of him, Omar Epps stops her to say something and we hear him say "Why?" But his lips never move. It's a really bad dubbing job.

Correction: It's easy to say "Why?" without moving your lips. Try it.

Corrected entry: The team plays Georgia Tech in the last game of each season. However, the University of Georgia has played Georgia Tech in the last game of the season for the past 25 years.

Correction: Just because it is the last game of their season, it does not mean it is the last game for Georgia Tech, they could still be playing UGA the next week.


Corrected entry: When Joe makes the run for a touchdown during the last game, the ball keeps on switching from his left hand to his right hand throughout the run.


Correction: A good football player will switch the ball to a different hand to prevent a forced fumble.

Continuity mistake: When Darnell takes the kickoff during the last game he makes it to the sideline and right before he gets tackled by the kicker, he drops his shoulder a bit and you can see that he's going to hit the kicker at almost helmet to helmet level but when the camera pans back to a wider shot, he's bent down and he hits the kicker at almost hip level.


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Alvin Mack: Let's open up a can of kick ass and kill 'em all, let the paramedics sort 'em out.

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