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Problem Child (1990)

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Corrected entry: When Ben Healy starts to go crazy he tries to smother Junior with a pillow. He doesn't get to because the doorbell rings and Junior goes to get it. The funny thing is that he keeps the pillow in his hands when he goes to the door, when they go to eat dinner, and even the next day when he finds out Junior was taken.


Correction: Not necessarily a mistake but a character choice, possibly due to the fact the man's gone crazy, maybe he feels better holding on to the pillow.

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Little Ben Healy: Dad, we adopted.
Big Ben Healy: Are you insane?
Little Ben Healy: I thought you'd be happy.
Big Ben Healy: Happy? You don't know what you're letting yourself in for. For all you know, his parents may have met in the looney bin. They might even be democrats.

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Trivia: When Ben races off to rescue Junior, he intentionally runs over his neighbour's flowers for no reason. This is because a scene was deleted where his mean neighbour forced him to pick up his cat's poop from the flowerbed.

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Chosen answer: Ben took (stole) his neighbor Roy's station wagon, which was packed for going hunting. Ben apparently improvised by taking the red backpack; the contents of the backpack would be whatever a pre-adolescent boy or girl would put in a backpack to go hunting with his/her father.


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