Corrected entry: When Arnold is sliding down a hill as he escapes the predator, the camera takes on his POV. It shows as it pans down that he will be pulverized by the ground below. But instead he falls into water.

Correction: Basic physics...Arnold was moving on a downward slope, gaining speed and momentum...when he fell from the cliff, he continued to move forward, rather than falling straight down like a rock.

Corrected entry: When the guy with the minigun is shot, it has a forward scene of him falling down and the wound is fairly small. When they flip him over after they've shot the hell out of the trees, it looks like a small comet hit him.

Correction: Its possible the Predator is using a plasma weapon. Plasma (kind of like super-napalm) would continue to vaporize flesh and bone until it finally burned out, greatly enlarging the wound.

Grumpy Scot

It is indeed a plasma weapon known as the Plasma Caster.

Corrected entry: When someone is searching the man who has been captured by the predator in front of Anna, we see his backpack on the ground and some meters away, his machine gun. When he returns with Dutch, the machine gun is next to the backpack.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That's because Poncho carries the equipment back after he initially discovers Hawkins' partial remains. You can quite see him drop them on the ground when Dutch asks him 'Did you find Hawkins?'

Corrected entry: Why is it, when they are first storming the base, they have been blowing the hell out of it for about 10 minutes, but when Arnie bursts into a room saying 'Knock Knock' there are two guys just playing cards? Don't you think they would have noticed that their base was falling apart around them?

Correction: The two guys in the room aren't playing cards. One guy is standing guard at the window while the other is sitting down, going through the documents Dillon was after.

Corrected entry: When the guys are attacking the natives, you see a guy getting ready to shoot someone in the head. He does, but the blood leaves the man's head before he even pulls the trigger.

Correction: Arnold is viewing the shot from a long distance. We all know that light travels faster than sound. It is actually very accurate that you would see the shot before you hear it.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Arnold and the Predator are fighting and they nearly bump into each other, Arnold hangs on to the underside of the tree bridge. When the Predator walks over it, it sounds like amplified footsteps like he's wearing shoes or something but all through the film when you see the Predator he has bare feet.

Correction: Actually, the Predator is wearing metal sandals. You can see these quite clearly in most of the shots that you actually see his feet.

Corrected entry: It's impossible to shoot a minigun while standing on the ground because: that was a six barreled rotary American minigun, that weights 110-120kg unloaded. It shoots 4000-10000 rounds per minute. For about that 20 seconds it uses 2000-3000 bullets (those weigh about 50kg) and it needs a 4KWt electrical drive (provided in this case by a cable hidden from view - hard to come by in the jungle). Altogether, it's about 200kg. Even the strongest man won't be able to carry this load, much less fire it with any chance to hit, due to extremely powerful recoil and possible injuries from the fast and violently ejecting empty cases. Jesse Ventura had to wear a bulletproof jacket even when firing blanks for that reason.

Correction: The XM 214 microgun doesn't weigh 110 kg, it actualy only weighs around 15kg, with a 1000 rounds of 5.56 ammo it would weigh around 60kg total.

He's referring to the weight of the M61 Vulcan gun, which is around 110kg. You're referring to the "micro" gun. Neither of those weapons' was used in the movie. The "Mini" gun, was around 90lbs (just the gun) or 40kg.

Corrected entry: After Dutch busts into the village hut and says "Knock Knock", he shoots one of the bad guys with the grenade launcher on his machine gun. The guy flies backwards out of the window but the grenade never explodes.

Correction: He does not shoot him with a grenade. He shoots him with a short blast from his rifle. Besides, an M203 grenade doesn't arm itself until after several meters of flight and rotation. Much shorter than the path it would have taken.

It was the M203 that fired but the arming point still stands.

Corrected entry: One of the soldiers is stood behind Anna who is knelt on the floor with her hands bound. She picks up a log and hits the soldier in the head and flees. If you freeze frame or look closely, when the log hits the side of the soldier's head, it breaks and you can see white polystyrene or sponge from which the fake log was made.

Correction: That's obviously meant to look like wood. Tree bark is generally white in color.

Revealing mistake: Mac and Dillon go after the Predator. The Predator is sitting in a tree, and Mac points him out to Dillon. They both agree that they see it and take position. Mac crawls underneath the alien and is killed by his laser. The Predator then sees Dillon and lasers his arm off. Dillon's arm falls to the ground with the gun firing. Quickly Dillon turns and reaches for the machine gun around his neck. When he turns you clearly see his bloody right stump and his right arm sticking out the bottom of his jacket. [Note: As far as I can work out, this has been cunningly edited out of the UK DVD version].

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Poncho: Billy, you know something. What is it?
Billy: I'm scared, Poncho.
Poncho: Bullshit! You ain't afraid of no man.
Billy: There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die.


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Trivia: Jesse Ventura could only carry enough blank ammunition to fire "Old Painless" for five seconds even though the props department had dramatically reduced the cyclic rate of the weapon to allow the camera to film the barrels rotating.

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Question: What's up with the predator's eyes glowing for a second while it's invisible, and does anyone know why the predators in the other movies don't do this?

Answer: In the shots where we can see what the Predator sees, sometimes when he is focusing on someone or something, we hear a kind of flash noise as he zooms in on the object. When we see the Predator's eyes flashing/glowing, that is when he is zooming in on what he's looking at.

dan coakley..

Answer: They do add the flash eyes while cloaked effect in Alien vs Predator: Requiem and Predators. I think it's both when it uses zoom-in vision and maybe to intimidate by showing itself so close to its prey. "Those eyes, just appeared."

I think he did it to intimidate Mac and Dillion.

Answer: Its the old predator design. Look closely the optical silhouette, it doesn't match. Google early predator design.

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