Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Dutch is referred to as Major, and Mac is referred to as Sergeant, yet when Mac runs up as Blain has just been killed, he yells "Sergeant" as he begins firing at the Predator.

Correction: He doesn't say "Sergeant." He says "Contact", meaning he's spotted an enemy.


Correction: I'm looking for an explanation of why Mac yelled, "Sergeant," because I turned on closed captioning and that's what he said, not "contact."

At first I heard "sergeant", but after replaying it a few times, I heard "contact." The first syllable you can hear the 'kän sound but he fades off and you don't really hear a hard "takt" sound. It should be noted that Blain's rank was sergeant.


Corrected entry: The helicopter wreck in the trees is only a junk fuselage. If you study it there is nothing in it at all; even the instrument panel is nothing but mounting holes. This was obviously done to save film costs over using a real unit. The script adds the line "they stripped the s**t out of it" to cover the discrepancy.

Correction: If the script logically explains the "mistake", then it isn't a mistake! The helicopter was stripped of everything that wasn't nailed down, and that is what we see on screen. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Blaine is shot from behind by the Predator, it blows a large hole through his chest. How did it go through the ammo backpack for the minigun without damaging it? (00:47:01)

Correction: Blaine is shot from above at an angle. We never actually see the entry wound but the shot was meant to go through his back higher than where the backpack is. The backpack sits near the center of Blaine's back and the shot could have come in between his shoulder blades.


Corrected entry: Arnie takes a 40mm M203 grenade, removes the projectile and ties it to an arrow to fire at the predator. This would not work. The M203 is a rifled launcher (the barrel has grooves to make the grenade spin for greater stability). In order to prevent accidental detonation, the shell has an internal safety pin that relies on the centrifugal force generated by the spin to deactivate it.

Correction: An earlier scene shows him using his knife to open the grenade. He removed the gunpowder propellant and used it to improvise the explosive arrow.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: In researching the mechanism of said grenade, it is clear that within the munition is means to cause detonation. Removing only the gun powder and placing it in a makeshift arrowhead would not create an explosive weapon.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, when Anna is now trusted by Dutch and the team, Anna tries to help by wanting to carry a weapon. Dutch warns her not to carry a weapon because he's figured out that the Predator does not think it's sporting to kill an unarmed person and said this why the Predator did not kill her before. Since Dutch believes this, he should have ordered his men to drop all their weapons and then they all could simply walk out of the jungle safely.

Correction: There's a difference between "unarmed" and "disarmed". If they'd never had weapons, then, by Dutch's logic, the Predator wouldn't have gone after them. If they'd had weapons but disposed of them, that makes the men foolish prey, but still fair game.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In one shot where Mac is firing the minigun and screaming, it's very clear that the ammo belt isn't feeding into the gun, just sticking out the side motionless. (00:48:15)


Correction: The ammo feeder is fixed and doesnt move. The ammo is on his back in the box and is fed through the feeder. It is just a guide for the ammo.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the soldiers are attacking the guerilla camp, Jesse Ventura fires his minigun at a sniper's nest, which subsequently explodes in a massive ball of flames. I point this out because the minigun he uses fires full metal jacket rifle rounds, and they are not explosive, nor would they cause a structure comprised of wood to suddenly explode in the way it does.

Correction: It wasn't necessarily Blaine's minigun that set off the explosion. You can see that the explosion is already occurring just after he begins firing. Considering that Billy was seen throwing grenades into the nests, he could've done the same to the nest Blaine was firing on. Its also feasible to assume that Blaine may have hit a stockpile of explosives; explosive shells can be triggered by a high-velocity impact. Since Mini-guns have a high rate of fire, and could have easily penetrated the nest, it may have also hit and detonated some explosives.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mac and Dillon attempt to kill the predator you see the rear view of Mac's head being blown clean off his shoulders, yet when Dillon discovers his lifeless corpse a few moments later his head is intact and there is merely a trickle of blood running from his forehead.

Correction: The head isn't exploding, the blood is just raining down on the camera.


The back of Mac's head was blown completely out, the shot following the camera being covered in blood confirms this and it also confirms that Mac's head was not entirely blown apart. The entry wound is small while the exit wound is enormous. This is consistent with how the weapon works when Blaine is killed.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie Arnold swims out of a pond onto a log. Before he can fully emerge the Predator stabs his retractable knives into the log, conveniently fitting around the width of Arnold's neck. The next angle you can see this better when the Predator is directly over Arnold, the knives have a huge gap between them. The knife prop was obviously made just for this scene, because later on the Predator uses the knives again and they are at the normal width.

Correction: It is deliberate - the predator didn't want to kill Dutch straight away, it wanted to examine him; presumably because he had been such a formidable enemy.


Corrected entry: When Dutch and his team find the crashed helicopter they use a grappling hook to climb up, on the interior shots you can see the grappling hook attached to the bottom of the helicopters doorway (it almost skewers Poncho in the stomach as he climbs in) but in the exterior shots you can see that the rope is attached to the helicopter well above the doorway.

Correction: Pancho was the first one in. He just tied the rope off to make it more secure for the others to climb in and look.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: It's impossible to shoot a minigun while standing on the ground because: that was a six barreled rotary American minigun, that weights 110-120kg unloaded. It shoots 4000-10000 rounds per minute. For about that 20 seconds it uses 2000-3000 bullets (those weigh about 50kg) and it needs a 4KWt electrical drive (provided in this case by a cable hidden from view - hard to come by in the jungle). Altogether, it's about 200kg. Even the strongest man won't be able to carry this load, much less fire it with any chance to hit, due to extremely powerful recoil and possible injuries from the fast and violently ejecting empty cases. Jesse Ventura had to wear a bulletproof jacket even when firing blanks for that reason.

Correction: The XM 214 microgun doesn't weigh 110 kg, it actualy only weighs around 15kg, with a 1000 rounds of 5.56 ammo it would weigh around 60kg total.


He's referring to the weight of the M61 Vulcan gun, which is around 110kg. You're referring to the "micro" gun. Neither of those weapons' was used in the movie. The "Mini" gun, was around 90lbs (just the gun) or 40kg.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they find Harper's body skinned in the trees, they throw Dutch the dog tags. They make a large noise when he catches them - But when he looks down, the dog tags are wearing silencers (plastic around the edges). A good soldier would be wearing silencers to keep their approach a secret - the adviser knew that. The foley guy didn't know it and must have added the sounds later. (00:16:35)

Correction: It is very possible that it was the longer and shorter chain rubbing up against itself and the tags themselves making the noise. This would not be an issue when being worn 'cause the tags would be hanging down.


Corrected entry: in Predator 2 we are told that the predator's mini nuke destroyed enough rain forest to be equated with X amount of city blocks. From what I saw, Arnie certainly didn't run that far - not even 2 suburban blocks.

Correction: But Arnold was behind cover when the bomb went off - a slight dip in the land - so most of the explosive force blew over him and carried debris past rather than hitting him.


Corrected entry: When we first see the helicopters taking the squad in, the rotor discs distinctly show 4 blades. After the interior "red-light" shots, the final exterior views of the helicopters, show them with 2-bladed rotors.


Correction: This isn't a continuity mistake. The helicopters are bog standard UH-1N 'Huey' helicopters, with a single, twin bladed rotor. When filming a rapidly spinning object it is possible to photograph it twice or more when exposing film at 24 frames per second, giving this weird effect. If the rotor blades were spinning at 48 revs per second, it would appear as if the helicopter had a four bladed rotor.


Corrected entry: When Dutch is battling the Predator one on one and he is in the tree, after he shoots the explosive tipped arrow the Predator starts shooting off plasma bursts very rapidly. After a minute or so of these bursts causing sparks to shower down on him, Dutch is either ejected or falls from the tree and when he lands on the ground if you watch closely you can see the ground bounce where he lands.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: He doesn't really hit the ground, he lands on some very thick bushes that are covered in leaves. Naturally the bushes will give a little, but they are so dense that they can support his weight.


Corrected entry: Arnie covers himself in cool mud because the Predator sees heat. But, they are in the middle of hot jungle. The jungle's temperature would surely be hotter than 98.6, or at least close to that. That means that the Predator would see all the air around him as red, not just the humans.

Correction: 1) Whether the heat-vision is the predator's natural vision, provided by the helmet, or the former enhanced by the latter, it would surely be able to compensate for the 'baseline' air temperature. 2) Even for a jungle, 98.6F is pretty hot. 82-94F day and 62-73F night would be the range of temperatures to expect (see Even though it's meant to be warmer than normal, it could still be below 98.6F. Of course, the humidity would make it feel hotter, but that would not affect heat-vision.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: Watch when Mac shaves himself. He digs the razor into his face and the razor breaks. Look at the blood on his face. After the razor breaks the amount of blood decreases. That is because the prop razor contained the blood and was released when pressed down.

Correction: Ever get cut while dry-shaving? Blood flows like wine when you get cut with a razor. What happened to Mac was actually very close to what happens when you dry shave. His face was not lubricated, and the razor caught his skin, and severed it rather cleanly. You can even see that his face is pracically changing color from the irritation. When the razor broke, the cut wasn't being pulled down anymore, and all the blood ran off his face with his sweat. You can see the cut on his face has a small line of blood on it. I'm actually just surprised that he didn't bleed profusely a few moments later.


Corrected entry: When Arnold is rushing down the river and over the waterfall its daylight and you can see the blue sky as he swims out of the water. But just after he gets out of the water and sits down under the tree roots, with the Predator after him, it suddenly gets very dark then it's night time in a matter of seconds.

Correction: Actually, its dusk. Its beginning to get dark as Arnold approaches the river bank, and the fog around the bank area is making it appear darker.


Corrected entry: When Arnold is running away from the Predator he slides down a hill and falls off a cliff into the river below. In the sequence following we see him get washed down the river over waterfalls and such. When he climbs out of the river onto the mud, we see the Predator's invisible body dive into the water, making a small splash. There are two mistakes in this scene. 1. When Arnold crawls up the bank into the mud there are no cliffs around from where the Predator could have dived from, there are only trees. And if the Predator did dive from the trees, he would have easily seen Arnold getting out of the river. 2. Juding by the splash made, the Predator did a head first dive into the water. But from any height this would have broken his neck because the river would have been too shallow.

Correction: Actually, if you pay attention to the scenery, you see that Arnold falls down 2 waterfalls. When Arnold plummets into the pond, look behind him. There is a big cliffwall. You see it behind Arnold as he swims up, and behind the Predator when he drops into the water. He DID see Arnold get out of the river, which is why he jumped into the pond in the first place, but Arnold inadvertantly hid himself by getting covered in mud. Secondly, although the Predator was camouflaged, it was plainly simple to see that the Predator appeared to do a cannonball into the water, and if the water was deep enough for Arnold to swim in, then it was deep enough for the Predator to cannonball into. Besides, the Predator was leaping off trees that were over 20 feet tall and landing as if it were nothing to him earlier in the movie...I don't think a plunge into water is gonna be much of a bother to him.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the team discover the helicopter hanging from the trees, one of the soldiers climbs up into the helicopter. In one shot you see the soldier climb into the helicopter but in the next shot the soldier is still just looking inside.

Correction: This is not a mistake at all. If you pay attention to the rest of the scene, you see that two soldiers go inside. The first is Poncho. When the scene cuts back, you see Dillon olding the rope on the grappling hook while waiting for Poncho to get inside, and then Dillon begins to climb. No error whatsoever.


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end when Arnie crawls into the booby trapped gully you can see the Predator behind him with the knives on his right arm already extended. The camera then switches to a shot of the Predator extending the knives to finish Arnie off.

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Poncho: You're hit! You're bleedin', man!
Blaine: I ain't got time to bleed.

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Trivia: Jesse Ventura was delighted to find out from the wardrobe department that his arms were 1" bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger's. He suggested to Schwarzenegger that they measure arms, with the winner getting a bottle of champagne. Ventura lost because Schwarzenegger had told the wardrobe department to tell Ventura that his arms were bigger.

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Question: This bugged me for years, when Billy said there is something in the trees to Dutch and in the next shot it shows the trees, is the Predator there, as in visible onscreen?


Chosen answer: Yes. The predator can be seen not in the immediate shot after, but the one a few seconds later as they are seen walking away.

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