The Predator

Plot hole: As the evolved Predator's ship takes off it leaves Casey Bracket alone in hilly forest terrain. The ship then flies a long distance before crashing and the Predator and McKenna start fighting, just for Bracket to show up and help out of nowhere. Impossible for her to cover that distance that fast in hilly forest terrain.

Continuity mistake: The little boy, Rory, gets to a baseball field after his mask blows a hole in some guy's chest. On the field the bulldog comes up to him and then the Predator dog shows up. Rory is standing there and has the Predator's gauntlet on his left arm, but in the shot where he and the bulldog look up at the other Predator dog, suddenly the gauntlet is on his right arm and his left arm is up and empty, only for it to jump back to his left arm for the rest of the scene.

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