Practical Magic

Continuity mistake: In an early scene where the young Sally and Gillian are walking up to the aunts' house, the girls shown are the ones that play Sally's daughters and they're wearing velvet dresses. When they reach the aunts, the film shows the young girls that are actually playing young Sally and Gillian and they're wearing sailor type school girl uniforms.

Continuity mistake: Gilly is on the floor inside the circle formed by the other women to prevent her from escaping. Sally falls on her knees to be close to her sister. When the camera shows Gilly from Sally's position her head is turned right, when they are both in the shot Gilly's head is turned left

Continuity mistake: When Sally is talking to Gillian after the first failed exorcism attempt, we see Sarah is wearing white shoes; but when they are pouring the potion on the grave, she has brown sandals.

Continuity mistake: Hallet takes his jacket off twice when he's in his room with Sally.


Aunt Jet Owens: There's a little witch in all of us.

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Trivia: The entire outside of the house is fake - it's just a shell. Even the blossoms on the trees are fake - they're silk.

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Question: Near the end when Sally is in the circle with Gilly, there is a series of flashbacks. There is a shot of a woman with curly shoulder length hair surrounded by white. Who is she? She's not their mother as she has long straight hair.

Answer: She is the one from the opening sequence, their "great, great, great" grandmother who started the whole "curse" thing.

Bruce Minnick
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