Character mistake: When Joe and Marie are going over files in the old school, Joe finds a staff letter announcing the enrollment of Amanda Pryce. The top of the letter is dated 1984. However, Joe then proceeds to ask Marie to search for Amanda's file, and tells her to search for the year 1986.

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Suggested correction: It's possible the incident happened up to 2 years after her enrollment (starting as a freshmen and the incident being when she was a sophomore or junior).

Continuity mistake: After the "Single Shot" fight sequence, watch closely as the camera cuts and Joe is stabbed in the back. The background (and the beaten-up henchmen strewn about on the floor) completely changes between shots. A section of the fight was cut out by the studio for pacing reasons, causing the mistake.

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Adrian: Heaven make me free of it. The rest is silence.

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Trivia: During Joe's hunt for the dumpling restaurant, he pauses to look at a squid in a fish tank, a nod to the original movie. (00:40:00)


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