Last Vegas

Character mistake: When Billy is telling Diana about Sophie and who she chose, Diana asks if Paddy knew about that and Billy says no. Only problem is that earlier, Paddy told Diana that Sophie picked him, showing that he didn't know the truth, so Diana should've known that already.

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Sam: We have a problem. The rooms aren't gonna be ready for another year and a half. They're still remodeling. Archibald, did this topic come up when you made the reservation?
Archie: No, because you insisted on making the reservations.
Sam: I insisted, but then you insisted. And it is the second insister.
Archie: Sam.
Sam: That supersedes the.
Archie: Sam. I offered, you insisted.



In the scene where they are heading towards the Aria hotel to check for hotel rooms, they walk past the volcano at the Mirage. They are walking in the opposite direction (away from) the Aria hotel.