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Corrected entry: When Jacob and Bella are walking along first beach in chapter 7 of Twilight, he tells Bella that the guy who said "the Cullens don't come here," was Sam Uley. But in chapter 5 of Eclipse Jacob tells Bella that Sam had phased BEFORE she came to Forks, that he hadn't told anyone where he'd been, and that it wasn't good for him to be around Leah. If it wasn't good for him to be around Leah, then those same rules would apply to other friends too, like Jacob and Bella and all the other people at the bonfire in chapter 7 of Twilight. It makes no sense, if it wasn't good for Sam to be around friends/people (not including the council), then why was he at the bonfire that day in chapter 7 of Twilight?


Correction: Jacob said it wasn't good for him to be around Leah because he was dangerous, constantly in danger of losing his temper, as all new werewolves are. Jacob couldn't be around anyone until he got control of his temper, either. By the time the bonfire occurred, the only ones still new enough to lose their temper and explode were Leah, Quil, and Seth, and there were enough experienced werewolves present to prevent injuries. Plus, Sam had been a wolf for quite some time by then, and could easily change long enough to demand the pissed wolf to calm down. They only can't be around people as long as they are in danger of losing their tempers.

Corrected entry: On page 461, Edward tells Bella that Emmett and Jasper took care of James, in other words killed him. But in the later books, Victoria, Bella and other people say that Edward killed James.

Correction: People say [in New Moon and Eclipse] that Edward killed James because it was Edward's choice to go after Bella. It wasn't Edward who actually did the deed but Victoria was unlikely to have known the specifics of what happened. During New Moon and Eclipse, Edward is referred to [sometimes by Bella] as the one who killed James because the fight really was between himself and James until Emmett and Jasper intervened. James would not have died unless Edward had gone after him and so it is valid to claim that Edward killed him by setting up circumstances in which James could be killed. Emmett and Jasper may have "taken care of James" but there is nothing to suggest that Edward did not play any part in James's downfall.

Corrected entry: Twilight Bella and Edward are supposed to be in the same biology class. When Bella gets sick and meets Edward on the way Mike mentions that Bella and him have gym next. When Edward goes to ask for Bella to be excused, Mrs. Cope tells Edward he needs a slip too. Edward told Mrs. Cope that he has Mrs. Goff, but in reality he has Mr. Banner, because he is in the same class as Bella.

Correction: Edward is trying to get Bella excused from her NEXT class [Gym - at this point Biology class is still running/about to finish]. When Mrs Cope is asking if Edward needs a slip, she is referring to Edward's next class as well [ie: Spanish, with Mrs Goff.]

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