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Corrected entry: In the first book, when the LEP officers stops the time, in theory no one can enter or leave until they abolish the magic circle. That's the plot's (and the characters') main problem, but later, the officers bring in Mulch Diggums and a troll, and that confirms anything and anyone can easily enter or leave. The problem with the time zone is non-existent, and the plot without the main conflict makes no sense.

Correction: The only reason the fairies can't enter the time-stopped manor is because they weren't invited in, and thus entering would relieve them of their magic. Mulch could enter because he doesn't care about losing magic (and he had lost it anyway) and the troll could enter because trolls aren't magical.

Corrected entry: This mistake happens over the first book and the rest of the books. In Artemis Fowl 1, chapter 2, Artemis states that his motto is 'Know thine enemy'. This contradicts the rest of the books as the Fowl motto is quite deliberately pointed out as 'Aurum protests est'. The importance of the motto is shown as it is used as Artemis's password to his disc with his fairy memories in the Opal Deception. If it was not important, Butler would not have known that the password was definitely the Fowl motto.

Correction: Nothing to stop Artemis having his own personal motto in addition to the official family motto. Not to mention the use of the word motto may not have been meant in the most literal of senses.

Corrected entry: In Artemis Fowl (the very first book) Artemis decides to test his theory for escaping the time stop on his mother. Artemis' mother takes a sleeping pill, and when the time stop is initiated, she disappears. However, Artemis later states that when a time stop is initiated all persons will remain in the state of consciousness that they were in when the time stop began. Mrs. Fowl should not have disappeared; she should have maintained her state of sleep and remained in the manor.

Correction: This is the whole point of how Artemis orchestrates his escape at the end. Essentially, if you enter the time stop asleep, then you won't even notice you were in the time stop because no actual time has passed, thus entering the time stop asleep would mean you immediately jump to the end of the time stop. Artemis must therefore force himself to sleep and jump ahead in time to a point during which the fairies cannot get him.

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