My Missed Perception

As Kelso goes rolling by in the hall with the wheels on his shoes, you can see they are actually skates and the wheels are black. When he asks who put the tiny wheels on his shoes, the shoes are now normal and the wheels are white.

My Mentor

When Elliot turns to the lady sitting in the chair and says "so, when's the baby due?" a large green tape marker is blatantly visible on the floor behind her.


The woman in the wheelchair that Dr. Cox claims is dead is wearing glasses in some shots but not in others.

Their Story

When Turk is talking to someone about the teenager getting breast implants, in the first shot you can see he is talking to someone in a a blue shirt with a stethoscope - i.e. JD. However after this shot, JD has vanished and the conversation is suddenly with Todd.

My Bad

When Turk and Elliott are in the line at the cafeteria, you can see that Turk has two plates on his tray and Elliott has a juice box on her tray. When they turn around at the end of the line Turk has just one plate on his tray and the juice box on Elliott's tray is also gone.

My Best Friend's Mistake

In the apartment, when they decide to watch "Fletch", there is a yellow cushion under J.D.'s right arm, sitting on the sofa. But it disappears between shots.

My Way or the Highway

When JD and Cox are talking outside the staff room, just as Laverne walks past, the magazine Cox is holding switches from being held under his right arm to his left in an instant.

My Blind Date

When JD suggests that Dr Cox turns to Elliot for help, the metal file that Dr Cox is holding turns around between shots. In some shots we see the plain, smooth side - in others, the ridged side with a label.

My Nickname

When Turk, JD and Carla are talking in the staff room, Turk's brown lunch bag and grey jacket switch from his left to right hand between shots.

My Best Friend's Mistake

When Dr.Cox is Talking to Elliot before she leaves the room her name tag flips over and back again.

My Old Man

When the Janitor's dad tells him to drop and give him 30, the Janitor throws his mop and it lands to the floor. But in the next shot it's standing up in the mop-bucket.

My Old Man

When J.D. and his Dad are sitting in the canteen, as J.D. says "But Dad, you sell office supplies," a bottle of water suddenly appears on the table between shots.

My Fifteen Minutes

While Turk is talking to Carla the clock behind Turk changes from 1:18 to 1:25 back to 1:18 and then to 1:32 in a minutes time.

My Cabbage (1)

While J.D. and Carla are visiting Mrs Wilks near the start she has a tray of food and a bit of paper next to the tray in front of her. In shots of J.D. and Carla the table in front of Mrs Wilks where the food was is completely clear and the food and paper keep reappearing between shots.

My Transition (1)

Season 5-24, Episode: My Transition (1). The first time we see J.D. and the flyer about his deck, the flyer has a picture of J.D. looking straight ahead smiling and the writing on it reads "Old? Gay? Like Decks?" After J.D. rips the flyer off and shows it to the janitor, the picture of J.D. has changed to him giving a thumbs up and the writing has also changed to "Come and Chill at my big gay deck."

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