Best action movie mistakes of 2022

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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Factual error: The radar guided SAMs are consistently evaded/triggered by the pilots' flares, which in reality only work against heat seeking missiles. Radar guided missiles would be defended against using chaff, basically clouds of aluminium foil strips. It was mentioned in some interviews they didn't want use chaff as it wouldn't really be visible for the audience - hence why they only deploy flares.

Jon Sandys

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Uncharted picture

Deliberate mistake: The baddies somehow manage to place the net under the two humongous ships by simply digging with their shovels in a matter of minutes, when they would need a bulldozer and several hours instead.


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Jurassic World Dominion picture

Factual error: The deer in the forest somehow does not hear the giant dinosaur approaching, so doesn't run away. (01:21:10)

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Suggested correction: A different interpretation is that the deer knows the difference in the sounds - gurgling/roars of an approaching herbivore versus carnivore - so it didn't perceive it as a threat until it got unusually close (so the deer looked to see why). The dinosaur flung the deer aside, then proceeded to eat the vegetation where the deer was. It isn't likely that the dinosaur (if a carnivore) would toss aside a fresh deer meat brunch in favor of some green brush.


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Memory picture

Factual error: El Paso, Texas, where the entire movie is set, is nowhere near the ocean or large enough bodies of water where a marina with moorings for megayachts could be located. The yacht scene, while fanciful, could not have taken place in El Paso or anywhere reasonably nearby (even by US standards).

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Avatar: The Way of Water picture

Continuity mistake: Jack and Neytiri successfully save their children and eliminate four soldiers from a group of six. However, during the extraction scene, all six soldiers reappear.

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Moonfall picture

Factual error: In the subplot on earth, the heroes' family members are trying to outrun the falling moon's gravity that's sucking everything into the air. So, naturally they duck into a barn, because, of course, gravity can't affect you behind a wall. And sure enough, behind the wall, they're suddenly safe.


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Violent Night picture

Factual error: The opening states the location as Bristol, England. Santa is drinking in a pub on Shirely Street (neither the pub or the street exist in Bristol), then shortly after is shown leaving from the rooftop, on his sleigh, with multiple high rise buildings in the background. Bristol does not have high rise buildings in the main city centre, only a few blocks of flats, which all have flat roof tops, not like those depicted.

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The Batman picture

Other mistake: When Batman is video calling the Riddler and passes the phone over to the D/A, you can see Batman's face still looking at the phone in the reflection of the Riddler's glasses.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness picture

Continuity mistake: At the wedding, Christine tells Stephen something quite hurtful; wide-eyed, he asks her how long did she have it in the barrel; a black partygoer walks behind him but is gone in the reverse shot. Moreover, she replies "Long time" and a couple walks past her, only to walk again past Stephen in the next shot.


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Morbius picture

Plot hole: Vulture was able to re-create his suit despite the tech for it being confiscated when he was arrested. Also, the tech does not exist in the Venomverse, so he would have had no means of accessing it by any stretch of the imagination.

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The Lost City picture

Continuity mistake: When Daniel Radcliffe presents a special item he has put on white gloves, then a second later his gloves disappear. He no longer handles the item with gloves throughout the rest of the movie.

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Suggested correction: The gloves don't disappear "a second later" but 2.5 minutes later, after many shots where his hands and even he himself are offscreen. He could have taken the gloves off anytime.


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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, after the baseball game they go to the blue Chevy truck. One scene shows the blue truck with wheels from a Toyota Tacoma, then seconds later shows a different set of wheels on it.


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Bullet Train picture

Factual error: Mount Fuji lies near Tokyo. Yet you see Mount Fuji from the train between Nagoya and Kyoto. That is not possible.

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Suggested correction: I could not see Will's speedometer or tachometer (RPM gauge) during his drive to Frank's. What I did see (and believe you saw) was the patrol officer's instrument panel while he was parked along the road using radar. This was before he pulled out to chase Will's speeding SUV, so both gauges should have been on the far left (i.e, on "0"). [00:46:28].


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Everything Everywhere All at Once picture

Other mistake: In the hot dog finger universe, everyone uses their feet for dexterous things, like playing the piano...but the pianos themselves are still designed exactly like our universe, at waist height where it's convenient for playing with hands, but very uncomfortable to play with your feet.

Jon Sandys

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever picture

Continuity mistake: In Riri Williams' dorm room, the number of braids hanging over her shoulder changes frequently while Riri and Shuri are talking.

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Sniper: Rogue Mission picture

Factual error: Mary Jane said, "I spent seven days in a pitch-black shipping container with no food or water and nine other girls." A human can go 2-3 days without water, but not 7. (00:37:18)


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The Gray Man picture

Continuity mistake: As the "lone wolf" escapes on the bike, there's a fancy swooping camera shot which tracks him, cutting to a shot from the front just as he scythes between two dark cars and past a police car. In that quick shot a woman suddenly appears cowering by the police car who wasn't there before.

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