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Zack Snyder's Justice League picture

Character mistake: Diana categorizes without a doubt Aquaman as "a mixed blood" Atlantean because Bruce tells her that he could breathe air. However Steppenwolf interrogated one of the guards from Atlantis on the ground, and he could breathe just fine.

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Outside the Wire picture Outside the Wire mistake picture

Character mistake: The woman with the AK-47 doesn't have the covers on the red dot optic open. In other words, she can't see her target.

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Breaking News in Yuba County picture

Character mistake: After banker Karl was reported missing from his home, the police detective did not even think to locate his car - which he could have merely driven away in (meaning he was not kidnapped).


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The Virtuoso picture

Character mistake: Narrating, the Virtuoso said, "You leave your vehicle in long-term parking and rent a nondescript sedan. Dark colors are best." After the first murder, the Virtuoso drives away in a light-colored car (white or gray). (00:03:35 - 00:26:17)


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Suggested correction: Regarding rentals, he said " Dark colors are best, then gray."


Right - but if he got a rental, why wouldn't he get a dark-colored (best) car?


Because they might not have one available. Or because he doesn't get to pick the color. Or because the dark colored one wasn't a nondescript sedan.


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