The Tomorrow War

Plot hole: Dan returns from the future with a vial of toxins with him that can kill all the white spikes. He tells somebody to start mass-producing it but this information is not spread across governments or even made public, but it is the one thing they have that can prevent humanity's extinction and making people aware of that will stop the rioting.


Factual error: The aircraft launched to destroy the city of Miami are F-22 air superiority fighters, which are entirely incapable of saturation or carpet bombing. Even the way they carry out the operation in the movie demonstrates this. They blow up a few streets and that's it. What was the point?

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Suggested correction: The air strike was not launched to destroy the city, just the research facility and the area around it. The F-22s would be WAY old by the time of this attack and it's perfectly reasonable to assume from this that the military was using anything it had left in its last stand battle to kill the creatures.

It's stated in the film that the city had been lost/overrun and would be destroyed, ostensibly to destroy as many white spikes as possible.

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Colonel Muri Forester: This is the end. Within the next few weeks, the human species will disappear from the face of the earth. We are literally living on borrowed time.

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