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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture

Question: When Phoebe is on the phone with Ray, he mentions that the Ghostbusters fire house is now a Starbucks. In the post-credits scene, we see that Winston has purchased the fire house so the Ghostbusters can get back to business, but the fire house looks like it has been abandoned for several years and no other company ever took it over. Did I miss something here?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Ray was probably being sarcastic, and was simply making a general comment about gentrification in the area.

Answer: Perhaps nobody wanted to take over the place for a few reasons. Historical purpose, high cost... hauntings.?

Answer: It's been 40 years since the Ghostbusters disbanded, Ray mostly likely passed by the old place and saw a Starbucks there. It has since shut down.

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Answer: Cecilia went over to Adrian's house and found another invisibility suit.

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Answer: The movie was completely finished over a year ago. It was the pandemic that delayed it. So it was the finished product that was released.

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Birds of Prey picture

Question: Why doesn't Black Canary use her sonic scream more than once?


Answer: She collapses after her single usage, so it is something she can use only sparingly - in this movie at least.

Sammo Premium member

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Dolittle picture

Question: At the beginning, Dolittle was scared because a boy broke in his territory, so he says to Chee-Chee, "Possum, play dead." Why does he call the gorilla possum? Chee-Chee is a gorilla, not a possum. Also Possum is not his name nor nickname.

Bunch Son

Answer: 'Playing possum' is slang for pretending to be dead, as possums sometimes do that to avoid predators.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Opossums will go into a state where they appear dead when threatened, thus the term "playing possum." Dolittle was just saying to act like a opossum and play dead.


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Answer: A sequel is still possible, but PIXAR and Disney say there are no current plans for one. They are open to the possibility but claim to be moving away from a sequel-heavy slate to instead focus on original projects. Although it received good reviews, Onward under-performed at the box office, though that was partially due to the COVID pandemic. A sequel is doubtful, or, if there is one, it could be a straight-to-video DVD.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's hard to say for certain, but any movie that ends up making a lot of money is pretty much guaranteed nowadays to get a sequel, as it signals to the studio and producers that they now have a recognizable and lucrative IP.

Phaneron Premium member

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Mulan picture

Question: Since one male from each family in her village is required to report for training to serve the emperor, how is it that no-one recognizes Mulan - especially when she gives in to her chi?

Answer: Although it isn't said (in either this film or the animated original), she reports to a different camp than anyone else in her village. Otherwise, the men would not only recognize her physically but they would know beforehand that Hua Zhou never had a son so the ruse would never work. How she knows nobody from her village will be at that particular camp is never explained in either film.


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Underwater picture

Question: A helmet that is built to withstand thousands of PSI can really be broken by a few slams with a fire extinguisher?


Answer: The helmet is designed to withstand immense pressure that is equally distributed over its entire surface. Direct blunt-force impacts by a hard metal object like a fire extinguisher may compromise the structural integrity.

raywest Premium member

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The Wrong Missy picture

Question: Given Tim had "The Right Missy"s phone number how could he have mistakenly texted the other one?


Answer: Because he had both girls in his phone as "Missy" and he didn't check which Missy he was texting or forgot he had the "wrong" Missy in his phone.


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Bill & Ted Face the Music picture

Question: I do not remember seeing Bill and Ted dressed as women (was that actually them?) get in the telephone booth to go get their wives. Was this explained somewhere?

Answer: That was their wives' future selves I believe.

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Da 5 Bloods picture

Question: When David steps on the land mine, the group rescues him by tying a rope around him and pulling while he runs. What exactly does this accomplish? It's impossible to outrun an explosion, much less pull someone to safety at supersonic speed.


Answer: Yes, I think the blast of a land mine usually goes straight up, unless it's a bouncing Betty.

Answer: Anti personnel mines usually have a small blast radius compared to a bomb or artillery shell. If they can pull him away quickly enough he can be clear of the blast.

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Project Power picture

Question: What animal power did Newt have, bursting into flames, and what animal power did the girl that turned into ice have?

Answer: Their power is thermoregulation. I don't think it's stated which animal it came from, but any animal that thermal regulates (i.e. warm blooded animal).


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The Witches picture

Question: How come the end credits don't mention Robert Zemeckis as the director?

Answer: They do. I just loaded the movie up on HBO Max, and it's literally the first credit to pop up in the end credits.


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Let Him Go picture

Question: Why does Costner change the shotgun shells when the shell in the gun looked intact?

Answer: He did not bring the shotgun from Peter's. It was on the Weyboy's porch and the shells in the shotgun had been shot. He put fresh shotgun shells in.

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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Question: What was the point of having Steve take over the other man's body instead of just returning from the dead in his own body? Unless I'm forgetting something, the ramifications and ethics of him taking over his body are never explored in the film, so it has no effect on the plot, and Diana renouncing her wish would not play out any differently, because Steve goes away either way.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: There's no definitive answer (and hopefully others will weigh in here with opinions). Diana had wistfully wished that Steve was still alive without ever knowing or intending it would happen, nor did she have control over the form it took. By happenstance, another man's body was possessed. The movie's timeframe is too short to know what ethical decisions would eventually have been made over Steve's soul inhabiting another body, though he does mention the moral dilemma it poses. After a reasonable amount of time, they would have to decide if Steve should continue in a co-opted body. Character-wise, it shows Diana's anguish over losing Steve yet again in order to defeat Cheetah. Steve's soul being brought back may foreshadow his resurrection in another way in the next film. Chris Pine (Steve) is reportedly returning for Wonder Woman 3.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I don't think writer Patti Jenkins is familiar with the Wonder Woman comics in so much detail that she was actually trying to pay homage to previous Steve Trevor story lines or hint at what's truly happening, but maybe. Steve Trevor has died and come back to life before in the comics. He's never possessed the body of another person, but once a brainwashed Eros possessed his body and once when Trevor came back to life, he dyed his hair black and went as Steve Howard. It does seem like Jenkins left things vague to bring up later, like with Cheetah.


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