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Le Prince oublié picture

Revealing mistake: The nefarious villain has just revealed to Prince Charming that he has kidnapped the princess, and shows her to the crowd as a big burly smurfy monster is holding her. The crowd in unison gasps and looks horrified...except an extra who just can't keep a straight face. (00:07:35)

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Rev (2020)

Rev picture

Continuity mistake: Mikey and his friend are smoking the same inch-long joint by the back door which gets passed back and forth - no way they could keep holding/smoking it for that long given how short it was to start with. (00:04:50)


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Freaky picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, pay attention to Evan's girlfriend's glass. When Isaac gets up and goes inside, the amount of liquid in her glass slightly changes between shots.


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The Night Clerk picture

Character mistake: Bart is sitting on a bench outside the hotel. After Detective Espada talks to the Mercer hotel manager/owner, he goes to talk to Bart. Bart has blood on both hands and lower left sleeve. Detective Espada is supposed to be investigating a fresh murder case that puts Bart at the scene, but he does not confiscate Bart's bloody clothes, conduct a gun powder test on Bart's hands to check for residue, or take him to the police station for formal questioning. Espada did not follow police protocol. (00:17:36)


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Continuity mistake: After the scavenger hunt goes live, Jennifer follows it with her grandmother Sue and Aidan does so with his niece Emma. Aidan looks at the photos of participants and sees one of Jennifer and Sue at the art class, and right below is one of him holding Emma with the carollers in the background. Immediately after that, he picks up Emma in front of the carollers and takes the photo he had already been looking at.


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Rising High picture

Continuity mistake: During the introductory meeting with Nicole Kleiber, her glasses on the desk switch back and forth between open and folded. (00:26:20)

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Dream Horse picture

Continuity mistake: The shape, amount, length and width of the white down "Dream Alliance's" face varied, as did the height of his white "boots", indicating that the same foal/horse was not used throughout the movie. The white on the foal's and adult Dream Alliance's face and lower legs looked painted on at times. Before Dream's first race, black tape was used on his lower legs, apparently as an attempt to make a different horse's higher white boots less or not at all noticeable. (00:32:42 - 00:35:51)


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The Wolf of Snow Hollow picture

Other mistake: The passenger sideview mirror in Julia's patrol car is angled upward and toward the car (where the front passenger sits) and would be likely to reflect part of the car's passenger side exterior (maybe even the roof) and part of the passenger (in this case, John), but it shows clear views of trees and snow. (00:32:07 - 01:05:53)


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The Courier picture

Factual error: During one scene, a police siren can be heard in the background. However, this was 1960/1 and police sirens were not introduced into the UK until 1963. Before that, police cars had bells.


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Boss Level picture

Factual error: The pilot is flying from the left-hand seat. Helos are flown from the right side. (01:23:00 - 01:25:00)

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The Midnight Sky picture

Factual error: After Maya Peters is brought into the recompression chamber because of an injury, the timer is shown counting down by hundredths of a second and skips from 1 to 0 without showing 0.99-0.01. (01:24:30)

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News of the World picture

Continuity mistake: When Johanna and the Captain are being chased by Mr Almay and his associates, their position in the wagon changes. First Johanna is on the Captain's left. Next shot she is on his right. Next shot she is back on his left. (00:42:14)

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The Way Back picture

Factual error: After sleeping in and being late for practice, Jack is driving to the gym. It is supposed to be morning yet the shadows made by the sun show the sun is setting over the ocean and therefore evening.

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Horse Girl picture Horse Girl mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist receives her gift from Molly Shannon. She unwraps it and puts the discarded wrapping on the counter. When we see it again at the end of the scene, the wrapping is much less torn apart than the first time around (or at least has been arranged neatly). (00:09:45)

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Nomadland picture

Continuity mistake: There are some continuity problems during the cafeteria scene where Fern is being introduced to her co-workers. Fern is holding a banana, peeled almost to the bottom, and has several slices of banana on her peanut butter sandwich. There is another banana peel on her paper lunch bag. Fern is shown taking a bite of her sandwich. A little later, Fern is holding a partially peeled banana but no slices can be seen on her sandwich. If this is her second sandwich, she already peeled two bananas. (00:05:59 - 00:06:32)


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Don't Tell a Soul picture

Revealing mistake: Initially, the gallon plastic water bottle Joey was bringing to Hamby looked almost full. However, the ease at which he raised it into the air (by his head), "hollow" sound made when Matt took it from him, and the way it tilted to the side when being dropped down the hole are indications that the water (and its weight) had been removed for most of the scene. When Joey dropped a plastic bag containing a bologna sandwich, chips, and a soda pop down the hole, it went straight down without tilting.


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My Spy picture

Other mistake: In the scene with a leak in the kitchen, the woman fixes it by turning an isolating tap above the leak. However the water would have been travelling up the pipe to the kitchen tap and so that wouldn't have stopped the leak. (00:34:00)


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Under the Riccione Sun picture

Continuity mistake: The first time we see the girl the main character fawns on, people on the background keep changing between shots during the beach volley game. (00:08:20)

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I Care a Lot picture

Other mistake: Fran is unconscious near a gas stove as Marla comes to save her. As Marla is trying to move her, Fran moves her leg even though she is supposed to be unconscious.

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Half Brothers picture

Revealing mistake: The backgrounds during the pawn shop scenes often change, suggesting the use of a "green screen." For example, the grandfather clock was behind the clerk to his left, then not there, but back again. Sometimes shirts are hanging in the front windows but other times there are other items there. (00:47:57)


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