Best drama movie mistakes of 2020

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Horse Girl pictureHorse Girl mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist receives her gift from Molly Shannon. She unwraps it and puts the discarded wrapping on the counter. When we see it again at the end of the scene, the wrapping is much less torn apart than the first time around (or at least has been arranged neatly). (00:09:45)

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Underwater picture

Other mistake: *Spoiler Alert* The strength of the underwater suits is wildly inconsistent. Rodrigo's suit almost immediately cracks and implodes, killing him. Paul's suit is easily ripped open by the creatures, also killing him, but Norah is repeatedly slammed into the sea floor by one of the creatures and her suit remains remarkably intact.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Suggested correction: It is stated by one of the survivors that one of the helmets was damaged. Rodrigo had the damaged one.

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Continuity mistake: After the announcement from her boss that she is scheduled to 'marry' her quasi-fake BF, Ana goes to the gym to meet her friend. When they are talking, she says "it's been forever, it's already kind of worn out." Ana's ponytail is in front of her shoulder, and goes back behind her back in the next shot. (00:10:00)

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All the Bright Places picture

Continuity mistake: Theodore rides once the tiny rollercoaster; the cart comes to a full stop and his left foot is in the space between the bars, but in the next shot the left foot is on the outside. (00:48:00)

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