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CHIPS picture

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie Jon indicates that he has titanium in his right arm, but towards the end of the movie the bullet ricochets off his left arm. (00:08:55 - 01:34:45)


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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Other mistake: When Dom and Cipher break into Mr Nobody's base, they use "the latest in concussion grenade technology which scrambles all senses and lasts an hour" which would include vision and is reflected as such. 2 min later Letty and Hobbs are able to see the kiss Cipher gives Dom.


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Wind River picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when Cory is in Natalie's bedroom, Cory stops and looks at a picture of Natalie and his daughter wearing a high school graduation cap and gown. Cory said his daughter was only 16 when she died so she would've already been dead by the time Natalie graduated. (01:36:00)


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Murder on the Orient Express picture

Other mistake: When Hercule Poirot is interviewing Mary outside the train, the teapot in the middle of the table has a spout (pointing directly to the right, towards Mary) but no handle on top or the opposite side, towards Poirot, where the handle should have been.

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Security picture

Other mistake: Introducing the workplace to the new employee (Banderas), Vance says that the mall has never been updated because it has everything "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, cosmetics." The Italian dub misinterprets the last word (probably figuring it was 'medics'), and so the mall has the rather unlikely lineup; "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, doctors." (00:14:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Small Town Crime picture

Other mistake: The private investigator has a full size Glock. The Glock 21 which is a .45 ACP has the lowest magazine capacity of 13 rounds. The 9mm capacity for the Glock 17 is 17 rounds. The PI exchanges gun fire and after he fires 7 rounds, his gun runs dry. Makes no sense to bring a half empty gun to a fight, plus he just got it back from his brother-in-law. (01:05:00 - 01:06:00)

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The Book of Henry picture

Other mistake: Henry and Peter got on the school bus in the morning and Susan picked them up after school. Parents often drive their kids to/from school, even when busses are available. Busses usually aren't available for students within short walking distances to school. The day Peter looked "lost" when school let out, Christina walked him home. This indicates the school is close - close enough that Susan wouldn't need to speed to home and back during the talent show or take 45 minutes to execute the plan. (00:02:48 - 00:51:39)


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The Snowman picture

Other mistake: When Harry Hole gets a call but isn't there to answer, Katrine Bratt picks up the phone and takes a message. Rebecca from Telenor Security tell her they picked up a cellphone signal from a missing person. She tells her the coordinates as Parkway 1, 0139 Oslo. On Katrine Bratt's computer you see the coordinates as Parkway 1, 0350 Oslo. (01:13:15)


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Jigsaw picture

Other mistake: During the opening trap we see Mitch strike the blades with his chain and get yanked forward. However, despite being yanked forward he still manages to stand in line with the others which he shouldn't be able to do, as his chain was shorter due to the extra tug he received. (00:06:30)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Suggested correction: The chain is tugged by the saw blade catching it as it is going round, when it gives loose of the chain, the chain is not any shorter than the others, as the saw blade did the tug not the motor pulling the chain in.

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Suburbicon picture

Other mistake: The phone wire was cut in the boy's room when he called his uncle. Yet his uncle used the same phone to make a call just before he died.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri picture

Other mistake: Anne makes the Oscar Wilde joke right before Bill kills himself, but he mentions it in the suicide note, which he obviously wrote long before.


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Suggested correction: He wrote 2 letters, a longer one in the dresser drawer that he had spent time writing, and one that he wrote immediately before going to kill himself, explaining what he had done. The shorter one (referencing the Oscar Wilde joke) was written that evening while his wife was asleep on the couch.

Suggested correction: What evidence is there that he didn't write the suicide not that day?

It doesn't matter if he did, the point is he definitely wrote it before the Oscar Wilde joke. Right after the joke, he goes to the barn and kills himself. Anne is still on the couch, she hears the gunshot, she gets up and finds the note.


Anne is on the couch, then it cuts to him in the barn. He could have easily written his note between the two shots.

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