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Logan trivia picture

Trivia: Spoiler! At the end of the movie, when the children bury Logan, one of them can be seen holding a Wolverine toy. It is a toy of Wolverine in the yellow suit, which is how he appeared in the comic books.


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Baby Driver trivia picture

Trivia: Towards the beginning of the movie, when Baby goes for coffee, watch the street art behind him (outside, across the street). It is mostly a bluish-purple, with a barely visible dark heart in the center. When he sees Debora, the heart has turned to bright red.


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Atomic Blonde trivia picture

Trivia: In "Split", James McAvoy was filming a scene with the multiple personalities talking amongst each other, and he punched a door that broke his knuckle. Atomic Blonde was filmed right after Split, which is why he has a cast on his arm as the director decided to work the real life injury into the film. McAvoy has said "It was fun actually, getting to use a plaster cast to smash people's faces."


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Bleeding Steel trivia picture

Trivia: While Lin (played by Jackie Chan) is in disguise and working in his daughter's school cafeteria, his name tag shows Jackie Chan. (00:31:25)

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