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Continuity mistake: When the landlady shows Judy to her "luxury apartment" note the position of the vertical deadbolt lock affixed to the front door and jamb, but the next morning when Judy leaves for the ZPD, as she unlocks the door the deadbolt lock has moved higher up on the door and jamb (note wallpaper). Additionally, just as Judy opens the door we can see that although the interior deadbolt is affixed higher, its key cylinder on the exterior side is much lower, which makes no sense, but then the deadbolt is back to normal.

Super Grover

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Continuity mistake: After Dory reads the wall map while she's in the glass carafe, when Hank hides behind the rolling cabinet there's a long shot of the corridor with him at the far wall, then in the next shot from behind Hank a drinking fountain has suddenly appeared on the wall to the left, between two pictures.

Super Grover

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Continuity mistake: In the bridge fight scene where Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead appear, Deadpool tries to escape Colossus' handcuffs by severing his hand. The hand that he cuts off is his left, but when he jumps off the bridge the severed arm is on his right side.

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Visible crew/equipment: After Doctor Strange experiments with the magical doorway in the Sanctum Sanctorum, he leaves it on a desert view and we cut to a shot panning across all the artifacts. At the very start of the shot on the right hand side of the screen is a crewmember standing in the shadows looking bored. Really blatant if you turn up the brightness, but easy enough to spot if you know what you're looking at. (00:56:00)

Jon Sandys

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Continuity mistake: Many times in the movie, Romit's hair changes from one shot to another. It goes from very short on the sides to long then back again. (00:59:30 - 01:11:20)

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Continuity mistake: While Eddie performs "Hot Patootie", he's seated on the motorcycle with Columbia for a bit, and when Eddie stands up he's holding the mic in his left hand, but as he walks up the steps it's in his right hand, then next shot when he's facing Frank-N-Furter the mic is in Eddie's left hand, and next shot it's back to his right hand again.

Super Grover

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Continuity mistake: When the Privates are having their furloughs authorised, Colonel Sangston walks in with Corporal Cannon. Only those two men walk in. Corporal Cannon moves from the doorway to give Desmond Doss his rifle leaving no-one by the doorway. After Desmond refuses to touch the rifle, the Colonel shouts at Desmond. Out of nowhere Captain Glover mysteriously appears in the doorway. (00:48:40 - 00:50:10)

Pie Man

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Continuity mistake: Sydney gives her phone to Liv at the prep rally to film her first dare. The case has a very distinctive blue furry case. However in one shot of Liv filming Sydney, it has a black and white case. This cannot be anyone else filming as it shows Liv's arm. Also the nail polish changes color. (00:07:20)


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Continuity mistake: When Ray Kroc first orders a meal from McDonald's he is at the order window on the left. As soon as he walks away from the window he is at the right window.

Pink Floyd

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Continuity mistake: When Bodhi Rook is first introduced on Jedha, there is a fallen statue in the sand, first shown lying on its left, but at the end of the scene, the statue is suddenly lying on its right. (00:11:15 - 00:12:15)

Casual Person

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Continuity mistake: When David is explaining to Ian about the rival company being taller, he draws an antenna onto the window with a marker pen to explain how it is taller. When David looks at the window with the marker pen drawing of the antenna later in the movie, it is a different shape than before. (00:07:45 - 00:31:40)

Casual Person

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Continuity mistake: When the armored truck is headed to Raccoon City, there is a shot of 2 cars close together that instantly become further apart. (00:22:50)


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Continuity mistake: After Mia and Seb are walking through the backlot, and he asks her what she's doing right now, when she says "nothing" the image is flipped, her hair is reversed and her bag is on the opposite shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: The cursed necklace is shown emitting its evil fumes on the white paper of the letter, but the letter itself is perfectly 90° with the envelope, or at a different angle. (00:06:20)


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Continuity mistake: After arriving at the mansion, when Fujiwara walks over to Sook-Hee after talking with Hideko, there is nothing shown in his hands. He then checks out her bone structure with a paper fan in his left hand that he did not have in the previous shot. (00:25:25)

Casual Person

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Continuity mistake: When the G.R.S. team is on their day off (9/11 anniversary), Tanto is seen video chatting with his wife. In the frontal shot of him, he's using a Samsung smartphone, but in the next shot, it changes to a Blackberry. This is done multiple times throughout the scene.


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Continuity mistake: When Sang-hwa is fighting with his first zombie, just as Seok-woo begins to walk past him, Sang-hwa's hands are shown holding onto the zombie's neck, but in the next shot, his right hand is suddenly holding onto the zombie's head. (00:25:38)

Casual Person

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Continuity mistake: This is after the minotaurs have found Horus and Bek. As Horus is fighting the second to last minotaur, he breaks off both of its horns. In the next shot, only one horn is broken. (00:52:30)


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