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Trainwreck picture

Factual error: When Amy is fired from S'Nuff magazine she takes her story on Aaron Connors to Vanity Fair, who run with it. That is not going to happen. Amy wrote the article while a paid employee of S'Nuff magazine and that means the copyright in the article (and, very relevant to this issue, the photographs of Aaron they paid to have taken), resides with them, not with her. It isn't hers to sell. No magazine editor of any standing is going to buy an unsolicited article without checking its provenance backwards and forwards, and that would mean checking with Amy's previous employers - after all, what would happen if they changed their minds and ran the story themselves?

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Pixels picture

Factual error: The main character from the video game "Paperboy" is among the alien invaders in the final battle; since that game was first released in 1984, he shouldn't be there, because the probe the aliens received featuring video game footage was launched into space in 1982.


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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. picture

Factual error: During the 4x4 chase across the island, the Land Rover used is a modern variant, not in production in 1963.

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Vacation picture

Factual error: When the family leaves their house to start the long road trip, they show a nice residential area with downtown Chicago in the background. This is not possible. The view and angle at which they are showing downtown is the same image that one would see from the Adler Planetarium. At the angle at which we see downtown Chicago could only be from the Adler Planetarium and there isn't anything even resembling nice residential homes in that area. Also, the area looking at downtown from that angle is mostly water-Lake Michigan and boat docks. In other words, looking at the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) from the Adler Planetarium, it would be 60° off due north, an extreme angle putting the family house either in or very near the water (Lake Michigan). (00:18:25)


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Minions picture

Factual error: When the minions are attempting to purchase tickets to get in to see/steal the crown, the admission prices on the wall are priced as £s and pence (decimal currency). As this was 1968, Britain was still using pre-decimal pounds, shillings and pence.


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Get Hard picture

Factual error: When James and Darnell are about to steal Martin's beloved yet aged computer, which appears to be an IBM 5150 desktop with an IBM 5151 monitor sitting on top; we see James turn the nearby power-strip on and the computer instantly, and oddly, boots-up to the incriminating financial records that will set James free. The problem here is that the characters displayed on the monitor are a kind of light-blue color; but the IBM 5151 monitor only displayed characters in green. (01:16:00 - 01:16:45)


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Pitch Perfect 2 picture

Factual error: When they show the map of Copenhagen, they show Poland, Germany and UK in the far back, however the map is pointed north, so that should be Norway and possibly Sweden, neither of which are actually visible on the map. (01:28:30)

Morten Bruce Søndergaard Pedersen

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Spy (2015)

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Aloha picture

Factual error: During the opening credits a newspaper is shown welcoming the "49th" state. The movie is set in Hawaii and Alaska is the 49th state. Hawaii gained statehood in August 1959, Alaska in the January of that year.

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Ted 2 picture

Factual error: Ted is driving the car and goes airborne into a barn where the car comes to a sudden stop. Samantha, who is sleeping in the back seat without her seatbelt, doesn't shoot forwards from the rapid deceleration.

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Grandma picture

Factual error: A 1955 Chevrolet is parked in front of Lily Tomlin's 1955 Dodge. Its license plate reads "528 GPR." California license plates did not begin to use combinations of three numbers followed by three letters until 1969. The "528 GPR" plate would have been issued circa 1975 and originally had yellow letters on a blue background. For the movie, the blue background was repainted black so the colors were appropriate for 1955. However, an actual 1955 plate would have three letters followed by three numbers.

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Sleeping with Other People picture

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, Jason Sudeikis pops out of a door wearing a Jurassic 5 T-shirt. Problem is, the artwork on it is from the cover of Feedback, their 2006 album. The scene, as the introductory caption says, is supposed to happen in 2002. (00:00:55)

Sammo Premium member

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water picture

Factual error: Spongebob and Plankton are told to supervise the universe for Bubbles while he goes on a bathroom break, this result in Jupiter and Saturn colliding with each other. Saturn is depicted as much smaller in relation to Jupiter than it is in reality. Also, the effect of their collision is inaccurate since both planets are mainly made up of gas. (00:44:50)


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The Intern picture

Factual error: The movie is set in 2015 as clearly stated. When Ben reads the newspaper waiting for Jules' first mail after their meeting, the newspaper he's holding shows the headline "NFL Revises Settlement, Making Open-Ended Pledge", which was from the New York Times of June 26, 2014, and when his co-workers helpfully cover his obviously portentous erection with the newspaper, they do it using a page from July 7, "The Fallacy of Balanced Literacy" (this one detail is helped by freeze-frame, since the page is upside-down). Moreover, when Jules joins Matt in the bedroom after she fell asleep herself with Paige, the TV in the room is playing Jimmy Fallon's show from March 5th, again of 2014. (00:20:05 - 00:38:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Unfinished Business picture

Factual error: Dave Franco mentions the difficulties finding any hotel in Berlin because of Folson Europe and the Oktoberfest, which would be consistent with mid-September; in the year 2014 when the movie is set, Folsom started on the 13th. But he also adds that the G8 is in town, which is a question mark (couldn't have been the G8 Summit as it was not in Berlin but in Brussels, and in June anyway) and, "this week" the Berlin marathon, who took place on September 28th, definitely too late to be in the same week as Folsom. (00:40:25)

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The Final Girls picture

Factual error: Tina's striptease dance is mentioned several times as a notable scene in the fictional 1986 movie 'Camp Bloodbath'. When that scene plays out, the song Tina dances to is Warrant's 'Cherry Pie', which wasn't released until 1990.


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Joy (2015)

Joy picture

Factual error: In the sailing scene the boat is a modern sailboat from 2014. The decks are suppose to be "teak" but are plastic.

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All Roads Lead to Rome picture

Factual error: Summer and Carmen are at the saloon and catch on the local news the report of the kidnapping. The scene is set in Tuscany, Italy, but the news anchor is Spanish actress Paz Vega, speaking with an obvious accent and mispronouncing words. To make the whole situation even more absurd, she is supposed to portray a native Italian speaker, "Giulia Carni": the last name is Italian sounding but nonexistent in reality, and the headline used for the news report, "Nonna-napper", "kidnapper of grandmother" has such an awkward and unnatural sound and feel in Italian and for an Italian audience, that nobody ever would use it. (00:37:50)

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