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Nightcrawler picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Jake approaches the house after the van drives off, it looks like a crew member got caught at the side of the house and moves back as Jake is taking camera footage. (01:03:25)

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Brick Mansions picture

Factual error: The "brick mansions" are in Detroit, but when the surveillance satellite footage is shown, the initial, close-up skyline shown from above is of San Francisco. Then as it zooms out it's looking at Chicago. (01:04:00)

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The Equalizer picture

Factual error: In the big battle scene at the Home Mart store after Robert turns the power off to the building, you see Robert grabbing welding canisters. When Robert has Ralphie turn the power back on, it cuts to one of the bad guys in the break-room, and a digital microwave starts counting down. A digital microwave could not have any memory of any prior cook settings, let alone any way to set it, since the power was already out. (01:55:40 - 01:56:35)


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Rage picture

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning Nicolas Cage is picking up his daughter. You see him standing outside his black Cadillac as she walks up. As they drive away we get an overhead view of the car driving away. If you look at the emblem on the trunk you can see it's an Infinity. The next time we see his car and throughout the rest of the movie it is the black Cadillac again. (00:01:15 - 00:01:55)

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Need for Speed picture

Revealing mistake: When the final race is under way, the silver Saleen S7 hits a Police SUV and makes it flip, you can see the smoke coming out of the bottom of the SUV where the cannon has fired to flip the SUV.


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RoboCop picture

Factual error: When they show Alex's partner in the hospital his heart rate is showing 35 on the monitor. His heart rate is not that low from the EKG pattern.

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22 Jump Street picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Morton and Greg meet the drug dealers at the harbor, look at the big rig that is hooked up to the trailer. In the first few shots the truck brand is a Volvo, then when the truck drives away, it's an International.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ava shoots Damien, she has no bra under her sheer nightgown in one shot and then has one when she goes to the window in the next.

Jedd Jong

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Veronica Mars picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Logan carries Veronica into her room and covers her with the blanket, she is fully clothed. When she comes out to ask him, "don't go," and then kisses him, she is not wearing pants and has a different shirt.

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Rob the Mob picture

Factual error: When Rosie calls Big Al's number, she gives his address as 41 Ocean Avenue in Howard Beach, Queens. Ocean Avenue runs from Prospect Park to Sheepshead Bay, entirely in Brooklyn, and does not enter Howard Beach. (01:05:00)


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Muppets Most Wanted picture Muppets Most Wanted mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While singing in a duet with Miss Piggy, CĂ©line Dion is wearing a dress with a strap over her right shoulder. Near the end of the song, the strap is suddenly on her left shoulder.

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Cold in July picture

Continuity mistake: Ben shoots the last bottle used as a target on top of the red drum. After that, he reloads his gun while chatting with his two partners, and magically, multiple jars and bottles appear on top of the drum so he can continue practising. (01:18:25)


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Inherent Vice picture

Continuity mistake: During the early part of the movie, the left rear door of Doc's car is dented. For the rest of the movie, the dent is gone.

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Good People picture

Revealing mistake: When Tom and Anna were jogging on a dirt path, the woman going in the opposite direction who passes them on the right would be walking straight into the kids (and woman) who were running past them on the left - but the woman on the right disappeared behind Tom's back where the collision would have occurred if she were really there. [Use of a green screen]. (00:29:25)


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Hackney's Finest picture

Factual error: When the guy is talking to him on the phone and the Russian smashes it on the floor, the phone smashes and the battery comes out but the guy other end can still hear him. (01:04:00)


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Sabotage picture

Revealing mistake: Late on in the film; Arnie and the female officer kick in the door to one of his teams house. Unfortunately Arnie is in his 70s now and not as agile as he used to be, the door was open and simply pushed hard. Look at the door, it has no damage and neither does the frame. Also, the door barely opens past a hard push. As tactically trained operatives they would not have pushed the door if it was ajar either, they would have opened it slowly to avoid startling anyone inside and warning them.

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In the Blood picture

Continuity mistake: Treat Williams is drinking a brown liquid from a glass (scotch?) while accusing Gina Carano of having something to do with his son's disappearance. Shortly afterwards, the liquid is a different color and the glass is much more full. (00:41:40 - 00:42:40)


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The Gambler picture

Revealing mistake: Jim parts his hair on the left side. The stacks of his books on display in the hallway include a photo of him with his hair parted on the right side, but otherwise looking the same. Hair that is persistently parted on one side will not easily part on the other side and lay across the head in the same way. (The image was reversed). (00:25:20)


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Happy Face Killer picture

Character mistake: When Jesperson imagines himself as a Mountie his uniform is completely wrong and is not even the right colour. As it was his ambition to join the force and he has photos of RCMP officers in his cab, it seems unlikely that he would imagine himself in a completely incorrect uniform.


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Suggested correction: It's not a character mistake, for the reasons stated; it's a clear factual error from the filmmakers.


It's a character mistake since it's his imagination and, as you stated, it's not something the character would get wrong.


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