Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions (2014)

3 mistakes

Factual error: The "brick mansions" are in Detroit, but when the surveillance satellite footage is shown, the initial, close-up skyline shown from above is of San Francisco. Then as it zooms out it's looking at Chicago.


Continuity mistake: When Damien (Walker) is driving the prison van he hijacked, through Brick Mansions, the steering on the van locks up, resulting in a close up of him shaking the steering wheel trying to free the steering. In the scene they're driving a GMC van but the close up shows a Ford Mustang steering wheel.

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Joe MagicMan Rabone

Continuity mistake: Thyroid Gland's chain necklace disappears and reappears a few times during the first part of his fight with Damien and Lino.

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