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Scream 4 picture

Deliberate mistake: In the final shot of the film, Jill's head moves slightly when she's supposed to be dead. In the commentary, Wes Craven confirmed this wasn't strictly intentional, but he decided to leave the take in on purpose in case he decided to bring her back in a future installment. But unless a sequel proves she's still alive, it's technically a mistake, albeit a deliberate one.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides picture Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: When Jack fights the impostor, they are roughly the same height, but when the impostor is revealed to be Angelica, she is suddenly much shorter than him. (00:21:30 - 00:23:50)


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Captain America: The First Avenger picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where they break into the train from its roof, you can notice that despite the high speed and the consistent wind, Captain America's fellows have no difficulties in running, standing up still, and even jumping, like they felt no air resistance. Moreover, you can see that their hair is not moving at all, completely missing to realize any "windy" effect.


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War Horse picture

Deliberate mistake: During the cavalry charges, swords are held at shoulder height as they would for charging enemy cavalry, not knee height for charging infantry. This was a deliberate decision in order to have the blades more visible.

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Puss in Boots picture Video

Deliberate mistake: In the opening title sequence, just after the title of the movie is shown, Puss cuts a P with his sabre into a curtain or flag. In the middle of the P, there is cloth remaining, but since he cuts edges all around this to make the Capital P, this cloth should fall away as it is no longer attached to anything, yet it floats in mid air.

Carl Missouri

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Drive picture

Deliberate mistake: After pulling the e-brake in his car (Mustang) and turning completely around during a chase scene, "Driver's" vehicle continues to shift gears as he drives in reverse at high speeds.


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Sucker Punch picture

Deliberate mistake: Throughout the film, Babydoll's shoes will go from her heels to some kind of flats during high-action scenes.


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The Thing picture

Deliberate mistake: Right at the end of the film, the two Norwegians (Lars and Matias) are seen chasing after Lars' dog in a helicopter. Notice how their clothing and the interior of the helicopter are not the same as they looked in the original 1982 film by John Carpenter. It's supposed to be the same event.


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Paranormal Activity 3 picture

Deliberate mistake: The film is presented in a high definition raw footage format, which was not available for handheld cameras in 1988.


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LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace picture

Deliberate mistake: When C-3PO, R2-D2 and the younglings are driving through the battle zone, Anakin Skywalker and General Grevious can be seen battling. Later, Darth Vader can be seen on Hoth. This would be impossible due to Anakin Skywalker being Darth Vader. (00:08:50 - 00:12:20)

Casual Person

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Second-Story Man picture

Deliberate mistake: The driver's side mirror would not be able to capture the view of the store that Monique is robbing - the mirror is slightly angled towards the rear of the car, plus Arthur's car is parked too close across the street. (00:00:33)


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Super 8 picture

Deliberate mistake: The scenes involving the 8mm projector and screen did not also contain legitimate light rays from the projector to screen or show any obstructions on the screen despite Joe or someone else between the projector and screen. What showed on the screen is what would be expected if using a videotape or DVD.


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Abduction picture

Deliberate mistake: Before Nathan and Karen jump out of Dr. Bennett's car, Dr. Bennett's car is shown taking a sharp turn (close to 90°) and then speeding down the short but steep road. At a high speed, the car should have reached the level road within a second or two. However, Dr. Bennett talked to Nathan and Karen for a longer period of time. When the next exterior view of the car was shown, it was just reaching the intersection and straightaway. The car should have traveled a much greater distance than shown. (00:44:50 - 00:45:59)


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The Darkest Hour picture

Deliberate mistake: This mistake was admitted to in the DVD commentary by the director. When at the embassy, once they open the window, the camera pans up to show a destroyed helicopter on top of the building. This is a mistake as in Moscow, it is restricted airspace for helicopters, with none at all for any purpose to be allowed to fly over the city, not even to land on the American Embassy. However, the director really wanted the visual of a destroyed helicopter on top of the building so added it anyway. (00:41:49)

Quantom X

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The Double picture

Deliberate mistake: The agent is entering the office approaching his desk where a computer sits with the screen on depicting classified material. Computers left unattended go dark after x amount of time. This computer being in a federal FBI building should be logged out of and not open for everybody to see. (00:19:00)

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