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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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DSU Martin Schenk: I know men like you the way you know men like me, and I know you wouldn't have done this if you believed there was the least chance of it coming back on you. Well, guess what: it's come back on you like the Hand of God, and the next words from your mouth will determine the weight and velocity of the staggering tonnage of shit that's about to plummet onto your head.

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1337: Well... I'm one heck of a mama myself.

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No Ordinary Animal - S1-E18

J.J.: So far this guy's only attacked supers. So he must have known somehow that Katie has powers.
Katie: How? I didn't even know I had powers. And also, how the hell do I have powers?


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Gannicus: I knew you'd lead these men to their deaths eventually. Is this the day you would do it?
Spartacus: They are but loyal. A quality you seem unfamiliar with.

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Space Monkey - S1-E1

Ricky Gervais: Karl is an ongoing experiment for me, because I've seen him blossom from an idiot into an imbecile and I want to see it through.

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Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Kate: You wouldn't have a problem if this was your daughter?
Jack: She's not my daughter!
Kate: She's someone's daughter.
Jack: Every woman I've ever had sex with was someone's daughter, it's never stopped me from playing daddy.
Kate: Urgh.
Jack: I think that might have come out wrong.
Kate: OK, if your daughter was a stripper.
Jack: Why is my daughter a stripper?!
Kate: Ah, so you would mind!
Jack: What if your son...was a rapist?
Kate: How is that relevant?!
Jack: You started it.
Kate: I want you to acknowledge how you'd feel if your daughter made her living by having men leering at her.
Jack: OK, how would you feel if your rapist son attacked my stripper daughter, threw acid in her face, she's disfigured for life, can't even work!
Kate: I wouldn't defend him.
Jack: Your own son?! Some mother you'd be.

Jon Sandys

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Raylan Givens: I shot people I like more for less.

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Staff Sgt. Boyko: Serve, protect and don't screw up.

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