Best drama TV character mistakes of 2010

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The Uniform - S2-E11

Character mistake: While handcuffing an auxiliary officer in his apartment, there is a poster on the wall reading, "attention military personal..." Personal is misused. It should read "attention military personnel." (00:16:02)

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Episode #4.4 - S4-E4

Character mistake: When everyone is preparing to go in to dinner, Robert is wearing an adjustable bow tie. It's bad enough he's wearing black tie to dinner when he has guests, as his mother points out, but Robert, the Earl of Grantham, absolutely would not be seen wearing an adjustable tie with a stand up shirt collar, even among only his immediate family. (00:35:15)

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Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Character mistake: Luther and Ripley pretend they have not been on the boat and did not find the victim's body as they do not have a search warrant and do not want to compromise the case. However, under English law a police officer may legally enter any premises without a warrant in order to save life, prevent injury or protect property. Since they have a reasonable belief that the victim is being held prisoner on the boat and her life is in danger (as far as they know at that time she is still alive), they don't need a warrant. As experienced police officers, they are bound to know this.


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Firestarter - S3-E2

Character mistake: In the beginning of the episode, the new social worker says "it's been raining all night, what do you expect?" whereas later in the 'flashbacks' he says, "what do you expect, it's been raining all night".


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The Hammer - S1-E10

Character mistake: Raylan Givens tells Judge Reardon that he carries a ".45 Glock" but this is untrue. Throughout the series with the exception of the beginning of the first episode Raylan Givens carries a Glock 17, which is only chambered in 9mm parabellum. His backup can be seen to be a Glock 26 which is also in 9mm.


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Game Over - S1-E9

Character mistake: When Gooch is eliminated from the game, the announcer says "Player Three Game Over." But Gooch was Player Four, which is shown on the lower right corner where Player 4 and his weapon are shown. Sean was player Three.


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