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Shutter Island picture

Revealing mistake: When Leo is laying his dead kids on the grass, the little girl keeps moving her eyes and breathing.

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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Revealing mistake: At the end when Katie enters Hunter's room and throws Kristi against the camera, Katie's reflection in the wardrobe mirror shows her in a different position from when she attacks Kristi, to after she drops out of view.


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Saw 3D picture

Revealing mistake: Just before Hoffman knocks Jill out, there is no blood on her head or the table. As he grabs her head blood appears on her head just before he smashes it on to the table. (01:14:40)

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From Paris with Love picture

Revealing mistake: When Travolta is fighting the Asian gangsters in the alley, he disarms one of the thugs by taking apart his opponent's gun. You can see that the Beretta pistol is partly disassembled before Travolta even touches it. (00:28:40)

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Predators picture

Revealing mistake: When Cuchillo is about to be shot by Isabelle, you can see the bullet-hole-effect go off too early, due to bad editing. It's exactly in between that scene, when both actors are from the side, and as the scene changes to where Isabelle is seen from the front. (00:34:25)


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Salt picture

Revealing mistake: When Salt sits on the helicopter there are two of the same cuts with Salt looking through the heli's window with yawning guy in the background. Cuts split by the view of Washington DC.

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The Tourist picture

Revealing mistake: Despite receiving several shots and crashing against other boats, Elise's wooden boat structure remains undamaged.

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Faster picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the phonecall between Killer and Lucy, the call duration on the iPhone stays the same at 00:03. (00:37:00)

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Centurion picture

Revealing mistake: When Dominic West is captured and chained in the Pict village, you can see a hearing device in his ear. (00:38:55 - 00:41:35)

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Unthinkable picture

Revealing mistake: In the final scene we see a bomb disposal technician disarming a nuclear bomb. The screen of the laptop is shown in one brief shot. It displays a database program of some sort, and has been filled in, perhaps to look like it contains lots of helpful, bomb disarming related information. However, it is actually just random button mashing; most of the 'codes' consist of the letters 'dfgty'. Look at where they are on the keyboard. Very lazy: dgght dfhdftyh fghrthy.

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Legion picture

Revealing mistake: When Mike shoots the cop in the beginning you see him fall on a mat to cushion his fall.

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The Crazies picture

Revealing mistake: At the end scene when the Sheriff is escaping in the truck away from the nuclear blast, the truck begins to flip through the air. While it is flipping we see under the vehicle and can see the hole they use to launch a post to help flip the vehicle for the stunt. A brief puff of white smoke also emanates from that hole briefly during the flip.


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Winter's Bone picture

Revealing mistake: Reverse footage: when the sheriff first comes to talk to Ree, the neighbor is shown eavesdropping, walking out past a truck. The logo and the license plate on the truck are reversed, as if in a mirror.


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The Next Three Days picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film when the two Detectives are checking the sewer for the missing button. As the male Detective is lifting the sewer, the inner sewer lid paint peels back, exposing a white color of the sewer lid. Which makes you realize the sewer is likely made of a light wood or plastic (making it easier for actors to lift lid). It is obvious the "Props Crew" didn't do a good job in painting the sewer. It is made more obvious when the female Detective tries to hide the peeling paint by very quickly sliding her hand over the exact spot its peeling. Then in the next shot the male Detective does the same, but in the corner.


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Edge of Darkness picture

Revealing mistake: When Mel Gibson is fighting the boyfriend, he flips the table at him, and you can see that it's a double. There are other instances where you can spot the double, but this one is so close and clear. (00:26:55)


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Fair Game picture

Revealing mistake: After exercising, Valerie is in bed watching the news, then the scene changes to a shot of her house showing a Honda Accord at the 2002 meeting but this model did not get released until 2008.


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