Winter's Bone

Continuity mistake: When Ree visits a girl holding a baby, when she's about to leave the baby's hat swaps from off to on between shots.

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Revealing mistake: Reverse footage: when the sheriff first comes to talk to Ree, the neighbor is shown eavesdropping, walking out past a truck. The logo and the license plate on the truck are reversed, as if in a mirror.


Revealing mistake: The sheets hanging on line are brand new just out of the packet. They still have creases in them.

Continuity mistake: About a third of the way into the film Ree tells Ashlee, who is playing on a trampoline with two rocking horses, to "bring Brownie and Cupcake and come in." In the first shot Ashlee is riding Brownie, and Cupcake, a pink horse, is lying on its side. In the next shot as she is getting off the trampoline, she is riding Cupcake and it's Brownie who is lying on its own.


Continuity mistake: When Ree's getting up from the chicken coop she has gloves on. Once she starts talking with Thump's wife, the gloves are off. When Thump's wife offers her the drink, her gloves are back on again. As she drinks and gives it back, the gloves are off again.


Ree: He might be hangin' around with Little Arthur and them. You think?
Teardrop: You don't wanna go around Little Arthur's askin' them people about anything they ain't offered to talk about. That's a real good way to end up et by hogs... or wishin' you was.

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