Winter's Bone
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Sheriff Baskin: I didn't shoot the other night cuz you were there in the truck. He never backed me down.
Ree: It looked to me like he did.
Sheriff Baskin: Don't you let me hear that's a story gettin' around.
Ree: I don't talk much about you, man. Ever.

Sonny: Maybe they'll share some of that with us.
Ree: That could be.
Sonny: Maybe we should ask.
Ree: Never ask for what oughta be offered.

Ree: What I really can't stand is the way I feel ashamed... for dad.
Teardrop: Well, he loved y'all. That's where he went weak.

Ree: This fella with the money have a name?
Satterfield: Shit no. Probably left that in his other pants.

Ree: He might be hangin' around with Little Arthur and them. You think?
Teardrop: You don't wanna go around Little Arthur's askin' them people about anything they ain't offered to talk about. That's a real good way to end up et by hogs... or wishin' you was.

Merab: One of my nephews is Buster Leroy. Didn't he shoot your daddy one time?
Ree: Yes, but that's got nothin' to do with me. They settle that stuff themselves, don't they?
Merab: Shootin' him likely settled it.

Megan: What are we ever gonna do with you, baby girl?
Ree: Kill me I guess.
Megan: That idea's been said already. Got any others?
Ree: Help me. Nobody's said that idea yet, have they?

Victoria: You know all those people, Teardrop. You could ask.
Teardrop: Shut up.
Victoria: None of them's gonna be in a great big hurry to tangle with you.
Teardrop: I said shut up once already, with my mouth.

Revealing mistake: Reverse footage: when the sheriff first comes to talk to Ree, the neighbor is shown eavesdropping, walking out past a truck. The logo and the license plate on the truck are reversed, as if in a mirror.


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