The Next Three Days

Factual error: In the scene when they are leaving the Pittsburgh Zoo, the sign indicates to turn right for Interstate 79. However Intestate 79 is about 15 miles to the west of the zoo. Also, it is suggested that Interstate 79 is the turnpike (a tolled road), when actually Interstate 76 is the turnpike and Interstate 79 is not tolled.

Plot hole: During the scene where John (Russell) decides he needs to break into the medical van, he watches an infamous YouTube video about using a tennis ball to open "car door locks." Unfortunately for John, the YouTube video was faked, and in reality was proven to be fake on the TV show MythBusters. (00:55:40 - 00:56:30)


Other mistake: Lara's hair is plain and pulled back in a pony tail when she first escapes. Within a short period of time, her hair becomes nicely styled but she would have needed a fair amount of time with a curling iron, hairspray, etc., for it to look so nice.

Factual error: When Lara's test results show her diabetes is dangerously out of control, she would not have been rushed to the hospital without first running a very quick and simple blood sugar test. Diabetics routinely test themselves several times per day, so the prison medical office would already have the test equipment on hand.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film when the two Detectives are checking the sewer for the missing button. As the male Detective is lifting the sewer, the inner sewer lid paint peels back, exposing a white color of the sewer lid. Which makes you realize the sewer is likely made of a light wood or plastic (making it easier for actors to lift lid). It is obvious the "Props Crew" didn't do a good job in painting the sewer. It is made more obvious when the female Detective tries to hide the peeling paint by very quickly sliding her hand over the exact spot its peeling. Then in the next shot the male Detective does the same, but in the corner.


Factual error: Just like in the United States, there is no exit passport control in Canada. That is, when one leaves the country one's passport is not checked by Border Services.

Plot hole: Modern diabetes management will tell a patient immediately if their glucose levels are out of the ordinary. Results are not monitored and delivered to a county jail by an outside lab. If a diabetic is sick enough, they would have obvious physical indications. The entire escape plan hinges upon these fallacies.

Continuity mistake: The silver SUV in which John, Laura and their son are escaping, changes several times from one to two inspection decals on its windshield. Firstly there are two decals reading 9_10. Right after Laura tries to step out of the running car and they almost collide with a truck, the SUV comes to a full stop and there is a single decal reading 5_10. When they are at the checkpoint leaving Pennsylvania we go again to two decals. Additionally, when two decals are present, they sometimes read 9_10 and some other times 11_10. (01:38:00 - 01:43:20)


Plot hole: John's plan to help Laura escape would not have worked, because he would not have been able to plan ahead like he does in the movie. He would have to know where Laura would be transported, and when, and if she would be transported there. He would not have known any of that as the information is kept secret from prisoners, and the public.

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Suggested correction: Watch closer. He had a reasonable expectation of where they would take her because she was hospitalized in her earlier suicide attempt.

John would not have had an expectation of where they would since prisons keep inmates' medical updates, and whether they've been hospitalized a closely guarded secret.

Damon Pennington: No prison in the world is airtight.

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